The Greensboro City Council approved three annexation and original zoning requests at the Tuesday, Aug. 16 meeting, and more of those requests are coming.

The City Council also approved motions to hold public hearings for five annexation requests at the Tuesday, Sept. 20 City Council meeting.

The current annexation laws in North Carolina restrict cities from annexing property except when the property owner requests annexation.  So approving annexation requests are just about the only way for a city to grow in size.

It has long been said that the only direction Greensboro can grow is to the east, and these five annexation requests certainly support that.

All five requests are for areas that if the annexation is approved will become part of East Greensboro.  The City Council has been approving most but not all annexation requests that come before it.

It appears that after growing to the west and northwest for decades, Greensboro has changed directions and as predicted is currently growing to the east. The city’s growth during the decade from 2010 to 2020 lagged far behind peer cities in the state – averaging about 1 percent in population growth per year.  However, it appears that in the current decade that growth is increasing.

The annexation requests that the City Council has scheduled to hear on Sept. 20 include 13.25 acres at 6001 Burlington Road, 31.4 acres at 222 and 226 Clapp Farms Road, 15 acres at 4513 McKnight Mill Road, 56.2 acres at 4329-4399 Burlington Road and 203-229 Willowlake Road and 30.9 acres at 4007-4013 and 3911 South Elm-Eugene Street.

One of the drivers of this expansion to the east is the Publix Distribution Center off US 70 in the far eastern portion of Greensboro that is in the process of hiring 1,000 workers.

The Toyota battery plant under construction in Randolph County southeast of Greensboro is also driving development in the area.  When up and running the Toyota battery plant is projected to have over 1,700 employees.