ArtsGreensboro is yesterday’s news.

The organization formerly known as ArtsGreensboro announced on Wednesday, May 3 that going forward it will be known as The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro (ACGG).

According to the press release announcing the name change, the new name “reflects the wider range of artists and arts organizations currently supported by the organization and the purpose of the organization. The rebranding is a realignment of the organization’s current goals while preparing for the future.”

The president and CEO of ACGG, Laura Way, said, “The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro has reimagined itself to place arts and artists at the center of thriving, healthy communities. The name change is more than what is on the letterhead. It is a metamorphosis of the organization from an inward-focused arts council to one in which the community is paramount.”

Along with the name change ACGG announced a new community calendar and arts directory.  The ACGG community calendar at is a complete listing of all arts and culture events happening in Guilford County.  The ACGG directory is the first comprehensive listing of arts organizations in Guilford County and can be accessed here: or by going to the ACGG website  and scrolling down.

ACGG is the largest public and private alliance dedicated to sustaining the local arts community in Guilford County. It invests in arts organizations, projects and artists through competitive grant programs, strategic leadership, advocacy, promotional and shared services and professional development. The support ACGG provides to local artists and arts organizations helps keep the arts alive and vibrant throughout our community.

Guilford County Commissioner Kay Cashion said, “There is no better economic return on investment than in support of our arts and culture programs. Arts and artists both reflect and help shape our identity and are critical components to any thriving community. The Guilford County Commissioners are excited about the forward vision and countywide focus of the Arts Council of Greater Greensboro.”