Anyone using Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTIA) will want to plan some extra time for their trip to the terminal – and they’ll want to do that for every trip for about a year or so.

PTIA has just issued a “Travel Advisory” due to new construction and paving on Ted Johnson Parkway, the road that leads to the terminal everyone uses for departures and arrivals.

Airport officials say they anticipate the project will be completed in approximately one year. Over the course of the project, the work will involve lane closures – currently, those are in effect on the departure level – and that work will also cause traffic patterns to shift in various ways for the next.

For years, the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority – the board that runs the airport – has spoken of the need to conduct a massive repair of the roadway in front of the terminal. There have been smaller jobs to repair some of the trouble spots over the years, but now the airport has bitten the bullet and is conducting the needed major structural repairs, which should put the parkway into good shape for decades to come.

A recent press release from the airport regarding the work suggests that travelers arrive at least 90 minutes before their flights. It also states that drivers should be cautious on the parkway and pay particular attention to any signage as the approach and exit the airport’s terminal.