No matter what it is, as everyone knows, there’s always an app for that.

That’s also true of the desktop and mobile app called “Piedmont Discovery,” which helps hikers find, negotiate and enjoy the county’s vast network of local parks trails and greenways.

This month, Guilford County, the City of Greensboro and the City of High Point formed a new agreement to develop, update and enhance the online park and trail locator application.

The app has been created with the following purpose: “to provide a platform for the public to search for and find parks, trails, and amenities featured in our region.”

This new agreement between the area’s local governments is a renewal of a partnership between the three entities regarding the function and ownership of the application. According to the new contract, Guilford County and the cities of Greensboro and High Point will continue to offer support for the “Piedmont Discovery” App and promote its use.

The local governments entered into a Interlocal Agreement five years ago for the purpose of developing the online park and trail locator application and they’ve been developing the app since that time. According to information provided to the county commissioners the City of Greensboro, City of High Point and Guilford County have found working together is in the best interest of the public safety and welfare, have ratified this agreement with resolutions.

Under the renewed agreement approved this week, decisions regarding the project, marketing efforts, and growth of the application shall be made “collaboratively by the Parks and Recreation Directors of Greensboro, High Point, and Guilford County or their designees.”

If there’s  a disagreement,, Greensboro, High Point, and Guilford County will each have one vote through their respective Parks and Recreation representative.

Directors – or their designees will use Robert’s Rules of Order for parliamentary procedure, voting, decision making, and the like if less formal efforts do not result in unanimity.  The project is intended to be for the benefit of the region, and not specifically for one party.

The maintenance of the Project shall be financed by Greensboro, High Point and Guilford County as ”tenants in common, with each party having an undivided one-third interest in the cost of the application maintenance.  All maintenance costs shall be shared equally by Greensboro, High Point and Guilford County.