After seven murders in seven days, Greensboro Police Chief Brian James held a press conference on Tuesday, July 7 to ask for help from the people of Greensboro.

He said, “I stand before you today asking for the community’s help in reducing and solving these senseless acts of violence.”

James said, “As of today, we have had 29 homicides in the City of Greensboro. Of the 29 homicides, 26 victims are African American, two are Hispanic and one is white. We have never had this may homicides at this point in the year. One of our latest victims was a young man who was 16 years old. As I stand before you, I’m asking those that would resolve their issues with a gun to put the gun down. Please, put the gun down.”

James said that the Police Department would be looking at ways to adjust resources in neighborhoods and finding ways to improve relationships in the communities that have been most affected.

James said, “So I stand here before you as plea for help. I’m asking you to work within your communities and work with us to solve and prevent these violent crimes. I heard someone say, ‘Every crime that occurs, someone knows who did it.’ I believe that to be true. If you are that person I ask you to come forward and do it anonymously if you must but please come forward.”

James asked the people of Greensboro to hold the police accountable, but also to hold each other accountable and do what was necessary to stop the senseless violence.

James noted that Greensboro had never had 29 murders at this point in the year and at the current rate the city will set a new record for homicides in 2020 a record that nobody wanted to set.

James said, “As a city, my hope is that we can partner together to make Greensboro safe for all people.”