Four people were stabbed Sunday, April 11 at Tranquilo Bar and Restaurant at 221 S. Elm St. in downtown Greensboro.

None of the four had life threatening injuries, according to the police report.

In response to that incident Sunday, Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan posted the following on Facebook at

“Tranquilo was not very tranquil today. Reports of a possible stabbing/shots fired sent people running. It was a beautiful day in downtown Greensboro, until it wasn’t.

“This is not the first reported act of violence, in a bar or nightclub, this year. As bars, nightclubs and restaurants are allowed to increase capacity and people are feeling more comfortable being out again we are seeing a rise in violent acts and bad behavior.

“In December, in an effort to get ahead of this issue, I proposed a DRAFT ordinance to hold bad actors accountable for violent acts on, or directly related, to their premises. By itself, it won’t eliminate ALL shootings, aggravated assaults or homicides, but it will reduce them.

“This is a public safety issue. I am going to move forward with the proposed public hearings to get the input from stakeholders. That means anyone who has an interest in this ordinance (owners, promoters, patrons, law enforcement, or the general public)

“We cannot turn a blind to businesses that have a history of operating in an unsafe manner.

“Stay tuned …”

On Monday, April 12, police responded to a call about a shooting in the parking lot of the McDonald’s at West Wendover Avenue and Bridford Parkway.

The victim, Chavez Laquan Vargas, died and police are investigating the shooting as a homicide.

The McDonald’s where the homicide occurred on Monday would not be affected by Vaughan’s proposed ordinance.

In 2020, Greensboro set a new record with 61 homicides.  Of those homicides, two were at establishments that would be covered by Vaughan’s proposed ordinance, which means that 59 of the homicides were not associated with establishments that had licenses for onsite alcohol consumption.

When Vaughan’s proposed ordinance was discussed by the City Council in January, it met strong opposition from City Councilmembers Justin Outling and Marikay Abuzuaiter. 

The city also received a letter from Amiel Rossabi of Rossabi Law Partners on behalf of the restaurants and clubs he represents, threatening the city with legal action if the proposed ordinance was passed.