Thirteenth District Congressman Ted Budd got some help Monday, Oct. 29 from Washington. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan came to Guilford County Republican headquarters on High Point Road to fire up Budd’s volunteers.

Ryan didn’t hang around. He was in and out in 10 minutes, but he didn’t waste any time either. His advance people said that he wouldn’t speak from the podium but would come in shake hands with a few volunteers and leave.

Ryan did more than that. After all, Ryan is a politician, and even though he isn’t running for office, what politician can resist a podium in front of a crowd of people.

Ryan talked about how important Budd’s race was and how Budd had proved himself to be a real “workhorse” in Washington. He said that the Republicans really needed him back for a second term. Ryan also said the media had been talking about a blue wave this year but it was really a green wave of money and that prominent Democrats such as Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg had each written checks for $100 million to the Democrats to spend in districts like the 13th in North Carolina to try and get Republicans defeated.

After Ryan spoke he shook a few hands, spoke to a few volunteers and even managed to find another Green Bay Packers fan in the room, then he headed for the door – only stopping for the required photos with other Republicans running for office and volunteers lucky enough to be close to the back door. The photos no doubt immediately went up on Facebook.

Budd, however, stayed to answer as many questions from the media as reporters wanted to ask, and then he spent some time talking one on one with his volunteers.

When asked about his race sinking into the mud, Budd noted that by law he couldn’t communicate with PACs, but that he hoped they had done their research and their ads were accurate.

He said, “I’d hope people focus on my opponent and her liberal left-wing policies and who is supporting her. Nancy Pelosi put a half million dollars into her race and, while my opponent says she won’t vote for Pelosi for speaker, Nancy Pelosi is not stupid enough to put a half million dollars behind someone who won’t follow her agenda.”

When asked about the year of the woman, Budd said, “Look, I’ve even told my opponent that I think there is a need for more women representatives in Congress. I’m hoping that my opponent isn’t one, but in general I think the concept is right.”

Budd several times talked about the uptick in the economy since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which has resulted in the gross domestic product increasing at 3.5 in the third quarter of this year and 4.2 percent in the second quarter, and that unemployment was a 49 year low, women’s unemployment at a 65 year low and minority unemployment at an all time low.

One of the downsides of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has been an increase the deficit. Budd explained that they had predicted an increase in the deficit short term but long term the increased economic activity would bring in more revenue and result in decreasing the deficit. He said the only way to reduce the huge deficit was by increasing the economic gains that would bring in more revenue, even with a lower tax rate. Budd said a 1 percent increase in the GDP resulted in an additional $3 trillion in revenue for the federal government, but that revenue lagged behind the current expenses.

Budd said that he thought the Republicans could hold on to the House but that involved 435 races and he was concerned about one – the 13th District of North Carolina. About that race he said, “I’m cautiously optimistic.”