The Guilford County Board of Education deserves to be congratulated. While the salaries of other senior government executives in the area are rising at alarming rates, the Guilford County Schools superintendent hasn’t had a significant raise in 10 years.

Much of the credit for that salary cap goes to former Guilford County School Superintendent Mo Green, who refused to accept a raise from 2008 to 2015 when he was the Guilford County Schools superintendent. There aren’t many people out there who turn down raises from their boss every year but Green did. He could have easily been making $300,000 when he left, but in 2015 he was being paid $250,000 a year – the same as he was when he arrived in 2008.

The school board gets credit for not raising the salary since 2015.

Since the superintendent wasn’t getting raises, the salaries for other senior staff have been kept in line. Greensboro and Guilford County could learn a lesson. When the executive team gets higher raises than the rank and file year after year, it increases the disparity between those at the top of the salary heap and those at the bottom.

Guilford County School Superintendent Sharon Contreras did receive a raise of $1,008. In 2017, Contreras was being paid $250,000, and this year she is being paid $251,008. Chief of Staff Nora Carr received the same raise from $157,624 in 2017 to $158,632 in 2018. Number three on the list, Shirley Morrison, the chief human resources officer, is being paid $156,006 this year and in 2017 her salary was $154,998.

Chief Financial Officer Angela Henry moved up from ninth on the list in 2017 at $138,892 to fourth on the list in 2018 at $154,009.

The highest paid principal is Rodney Wilds, the principal at James B. Dudley High School, who is being paid $126,927, and in 2017 his salary was $122,932.

The second highest paid principal is Ralph Kitley at Northwest Guilford High School, whose salary is $122,303; in 2017, Kitley was paid $117,036.

In the North Carolina budget passed by the Republican legislature over Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto, principals will receive an average raise of 6.9 percent and teachers an average raise of 6.5 percent.

The highest paid teacher on the 2018 salary list is Frank Shearin, who is a Navy Junior ROTC instructor and is paid $83,684. And the highest paid non-ROTC teacher is Brenda Cox with a salary of $78,035.

For a complete list of Guilford County Schools employees, click on the link below.


2017-2018 Guilford County Schools Salaries