It is being widely reported that many American families now consider fast food to be a luxury.  This has historically been the “go to option” for us all as we drive to Grandma’s, or the beach.

Just as Joe Biden has doubled the cost of the gas we need to get there, so he has doubled the cost of the food we need to get there.

He proudly calls it Bidenomics. He’s demented; a senile old man who belongs in a nursing home, not the White House.

Sadly, we are the victims of his dementia.

At least in our own state we can slightly mitigate the effects of his policies. Unlike most states, we must pay a Sales Tax whenever we buy our food.  Tax on food is extremely regressive because it not only hurts everyone who eats, it really hurts the low income young working families who are struggling to put good food on the table. Or any food.

When Sales Tax was imposed in North Carolina, food was naturally exempted – until a Democrat Governor named Terry Sanford (thereafter infamously known as “Food Tax Terry”) decided to impose this burden on low income people.

But the folk around in 1961 need not have worried, because “Food Tax Terry” promised them that the tax on groceries was just a temporary measure, to get the state through one of the cash crunches that always seem to occur under Democrat control.

He lied – unless 63 years is “temporary”.

Our state’s finances are in great shape at the moment. We have budget surpluses!

If this is not the time to finally repeal this iniquitous tax, when is? If not now, when?

Food Tax repeal will help all North Carolinians who eat, and particularly those of us who are finding it hard to feed our families, but who work to pay our own way. Food Stamps recipients do not pay the tax, by directive of the Federal Government. This is another way in which working families are penalized.

If Mark Robinson (or Josh Stein) had any political instincts, he’d make Food Tax repeal part of his campaign for Governor.

And he’d win.

Austin Morris