If you’re capable of thinking for yourself, you will notice an intriguing insight into what’s going on right now on US college campuses. It’s not being presented in the mainstream media, but the parallels are evident.

The avowedly Left wing students are vehemently and violently protesting for the Palestinians, which of course means they are protesting for Hamas. In any war, one’s allegiance is binary. When the Jewish concert goers were shot dead and raped – or when the Gazans were being bombed – there is no middle ground. You’re on one side or the other. That’s the nature of conflict.

And the college protesters are not on the side of the Israelis. They’re on the side of the people who started the war.

These precious protesters in US colleges not only enjoy the luxury of being 6,000 miles from the conflict, they also enjoy the indulgence of ignorance. It allows their bigotry. But it is not unprecedented.

Like so many stupid people, they are utterly unaware of what they’re revealing about themselves, and their leftist beliefs. As a fish does not know it is wet, they do not know they are evil. They believe themselves virtuous  –  inasmuch as they contemplate the issue at all. Many participate for the excitement and cameraderie.

The political Left is constitutionally anti-Semitic, and this is clear in the actions of these college students, just as it was 90 years ago in the actions of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Put plainly, they always ultimately hate Jews.

The Nazis initiated massive public spending. They constructed the autobahns and even commissioned the cars to drive on them. In a perfect example of socialist intervention in the free market they even called them “Peoples’ Cars”, as Leftists would (Volkswagen).  They hiked taxes and imposed wage and price controls. They forced businesses to implement their political agenda, from behemoths like Siemens, Thyssen and Krupp, to little shops who were made to refuse Jews any service. They commandeered the mass media, and tried to suppress dissent (sound familiar?). Limited government free marketeers they were not.

All this was done in the cause of elevating the common man, just as the Democrats claim that mantle today.

Demagoguery never dies. Nor does evil.

The political Left is constitutionally evil. That is why they hated God’s Chosen People in Germany in the 1930’s, and why they hate them now.

It is plain for all to see – at least for those who can escape their indictrination, and think for themselves.

 “Nazi”  is a contraction of National Socialist.  So were the Nazis right wing… or left wing?

Dare to think for yourself.

Austin Morris