I’m Sick of Your Religion!

Dear Editor,

I’ll say it: I’m sick of you pushing your religion on me and propagating it in the public square.

I’m sick of you thumping your religious books telling me I’m evil because I don’t believe in your god. I’m sick of you telling me that simply because I don’t believe like you that I am an evil person worthy of death and hell. I’m sick of your intolerance.

I’m sick of your acolytes gaining positions in government and schools trying to proselytize my children into your fairy tales. I’m sick of you justifying your destructive actions by some so-called authorities that designed your ideas and lies.

I’m sick of the followers looking down on me because I dared not express my utter faith and confidence in your religion. I’m sick of seeing the leaders of your religion earn money hand-over-fist from poor people who seem to know no better than to sign over their livelihoods to the purveyors of your so-called gospel.

I’m sick of seeing the hypocrisy of your followers preaching one way but living another. I’m sick of your followers demanding that I conform to your belief structure or suffer the consequences. I’m sick of ideological terrorists called “teachers” infiltrating the schools propagandizing children to believe in dangerous ideas that have destroyed entire cultures.

I’m sick of your “god” condescendingly wagging the finger at me for living my life. I’m sick of your followers interjecting themselves and their lunatic ideas in my bedroom, business, family, finances and job demanding I repeat the mantra and embrace the doctrine.

See, if you read this far, you might think I am talking about Christians. You would be wrong. Christians, generally, want freedom and to stay out of everyone’s business while loving you enough to tell you the truth of Christ’s love and forgiveness. No, I’m addressing the cult of wokeness. Woke acolytes are insufferable, pushing their religion on everyone, demanding we conform and, if we do not, we are deemed evil and they will cancel and destroy us.

Your Robin D’Angelo and Ibram X. Kendi religious tomes are nothing but inarticulate, pedantic rubbish that deserve the trash piles of history. Your acolytes in government schools are proselytizing children every day while you scream bloody murder if a Christian prays. Your religious leaders like Patrice Cullors of Black Lives Matter are stealing money from poor, unsuspecting imbeciles to live high on the hog in mansions in Malibu.

You have brought your bedrooms into the public by preaching your deluded ideas that a man can be a woman and vice versa while demanding I subscribe to those same delusions. If I side with reality and biology, I and anyone or anything associated with me am deemed evil and worthy of destruction.

Indeed, wokeness is a religious cult. It has infiltrated our schools which should not cater to a religion. It is time we the people started suing our school board for turning a blind eye to and even promoting this religion. Time for a New Vision and New Direction for our schools in November. Vote Welborn, Pratt, Andrew, Millican and Carter.

Rick Stegall