Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Dear Editor,

On Wednesday, Sept. 6, the Biden administration announced it had cancelled several Alaskan oil exploration leases that had been approved in early 2021.

The Department of the Interior simultaneously declared a new initiative to block exploration in 13 million acres of the North Slope.

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland declared that these measures would “help the US fight climate change”.

Alaska US Sen. Dan Sullivan didn’t feel it necessary to address such tenuous and illusory claims, describing these measures as “an assault on our economy” and “devastating for … the energy security of the nation.” He also cited the Biden administration’s 55 executive orders and “actions” that have targeted oil and gas exploration in his state.

This comes just days after the administration’s efforts to further restrict drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Well, what can you expect from the guy who killed the Keystone Pipeline with a stroke of his pen on his first day in office?

Democrats will deny, deny and deny that they are deliberately crippling our ability to meet our energy needs. They will deny that they are deliberately driving up the price of gasoline and diesel. They will deny that they resent and despise the private automobile, and the personal freedom it gives us.

But do you believe them?

Austin Morris