Time To Deconsolidate Schools

Dear Editor,

It is time for our schools to be deconsolidated. That is, a return to High Point City Schools, Greensboro City Schools and Guilford County Schools. Too few people hold power over too many citizens.

The bus routes have to start too early and run too late. The areas outside of Greensboro City limits are poorly represented.  Even County Commissioner Skip Alston wants the City of Greensboro to start contributing to the financial well-being of the schools. If that is necessary, it is time for High Point and Greensboro to create their own districts, pay for their own teachers, buses and infrastructure, to receive their own subsidies from the state and deliver a better education for our students and working conditions for our teachers.

Wilson Chandler


Seat Michael Logan On School Board

Dear Editor,

To the Guilford County school board Democrats:

Don’t you think it’s about time you quit “twisting the law” and started “obeying the law?” Respect the choice of the voters and seat Michael Logan. It’s pretty obvious that since he’s not the puppet you want and you decided to use your own distorted “interpretation” of the law to your favor. I assume you aren’t aware of how unprofessionally you have presented yourselves, or how deceitful you have been to the constituents of Guilford County, as I presume you are all fairly intelligent people.

Besides being saddled with a costly system that is failing our children, we, the taxpayers, are also saddled with a school board that has its own agenda. And that agenda isn’t about teaching our children to read, write, and do math.

The dissenting vote was not ever yours to make – the first, second, third, fourth, or fifth times. Don’t again make our school board a laughingstock by attempting a vote against Michael Logan a sixth time. The choice is clearly not yours to make. It is the choice of the Republican Party.

Michael Logan has been duly elected and he should be duly seated.

Susan Tysinger