Illegal Immigration Is An Existential Threat

Dear Editor,

“You can’t have a welfare state and open borders.” – Milton Friedman.

Some might say, in today’s context, that this is racist. But it’s not. It’s just a reflection on human nature. We’d all like to get something without having to work for it, wouldn’t we? Any country that gives away money, housing, social care, free food and free health care to any and all who manage to flop on their beaches or borders is asking to be inundated by third world “asylum seekers.”

That’s what they claim they are as they cross from the French “refugee camp” that’s within sight of the White Cliffs of Dover. But are they really seeking asylum, or are they cynically preying on our decency and kindness?  If they are really being persecuted in their homeland – like German Jews in Nazi Germany – then we must obviously give them refuge. But if they have traveled through a dozen safe haven countries before they wade onto Dover’s beach or Texas soil, are they really asylum seekers? Or just illegal immigrants?

European welfare states are more generous than the US, and geographically closer to the birth country of migrants who’d like to partake of their wealth without ever having contributed to it. So, France, Germany, and especially the UK are the most coveted destinations. Britain has the most advanced welfare state, including 100 percent socialized healthcare. Coincidence?

And let’s tell the truth: They’re illegal immigrants, whether they’re trying to get into the United Kingdom or the United States. Whatever their pretext might be, they have deliberately entered these countries without any regard for our immigration laws. Ergo, they are illegal immigrants. The left loves to distort language, so as to manipulate how you think. I suggest that you think for yourself.

My ancestors worked hard to create a better life for us. That’s why European countries have progressed. The people who built Europe were not indifferent to the fate of their progeny; they were anxious that their children should have a better life than they had. It’s called love.

So, when their own countries became oppressive or punitive, they decided to risk all and set off on little wooden ships. What breathtaking courage. Europeans have always succeeded in creating prosperous, happy and free societies out of undeveloped wildernesses, whether in North America, Australasia, South Africa or any other little corner of the world that they have settled (e.g. the Falkland Islands).

Should we allow those who have never contributed anything to short-circuit our centuries of work and sacrifice by simply crossing the English Channel or the Rio Grande and proclaiming that they have certain needs which must be met – by us? Are we really such suckers?

Joe Biden says yes – but he doesn’t live in Brownsville, Texas, does he?

Illegal immigration is not just a problem, it is an existential threat to our countries. My country of birth is already lost (Great Britain). My brother tells me that it is impossible even to drive around Leeds or Bradford or Manchester on Muslim holidays because the roads are clogged with thousands of Muslims who block the roads facing Mecca with their faces to the road and their bottoms in the air. The police are present not to keep His Majesty’s highways clear, but to ensure that the ceremonies of Islam are not disrupted. Blocking His Majesty’s highways used to be a serious crime. Not now. That is how comprehensively we have been vanquished.

The mayor of our capital city, London, is a Pakistani Muslim. Our prime minister is an Indian Hindu. Ethnically British people are a minority in Britain’s two biggest cities (London and Birmingham).

Don’t let the same fate befall the greatest country in the world. It could easily happen to you, and the Democratic Party is actively working to accomplish that, as they import millions from the third world.  Your only hope is to build the wall, and re-instate a functioning immigration system.

The next presidential election will be crucial.

Vote for Trump.  Or lose your country.

Trust me, I know.

Austin Morris