We Are Being Invaded

Dear Editor,

Up front I will say the majority of the news/information I watch is Fox. Note I said “majority.” I do go to other channels (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) to do a comparison of what is being reported/discussed.

That said I have yet to see anything anywhere near the level of reporting on the situation on the southern border by other news/information organizations being done by Fox in the comparison. Yes, they’ll take snide, cheap shots at each other, and they’ll put their own spin on their reporting, some more than others. But the scary part is too many people rely on only one or two sources for their information. Little wonder we have the situation in our country.

I don’t care what spin anyone tries to put on it, we are being invaded by foreign powers.  The worst part is not only are we being invaded, our “leaders,” professional politicians, are participating in it both directly and indirectly. We have people, veterans, who stepped up prepared to do whatever it takes to protect this country and are ignored by those same people.

People try to say this is not an invasion. Here is the definition from Oxford Languages …

An incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity.

An unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain.

It was just reported that in a 24-hour period, Sept. 24-25, 11,000 illegals crossed the border at Eagle Pass. That’s close to the size of an infantry division.

The worst part of all is our “leaders” don’t consider it urgent. Instead, they use it as a campaign tool. They seem to be ignoring the fact these people are being released with a “notice to appear.” Yeah, that’s going to happen. Add to this your hard earned money, taken from you in the form of taxes, is being given to these lawbreakers, while Americans can carry out $100 worth of groceries in just two plastic shopping bags.

A primary mission of the military is to protect the country from invasion. We are being invaded. They don’t have guns (at least not yet) but we are being invaded, and “professional politicians” are complicit in this invasion, primarily, IMO, the (National Socialist) Democrat Party as well as some in the GOP.

You were elected by Americans to work for America. Do it!

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall


De-unionize Police

Dear Editor,

Recently in Seattle, a speeding police officer hit and killed a woman who was crossing the street. Another police officer named Daniel Auderer laughed about the incident and said that her life had ”limited value.” Officer Auderer is vice president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild.

Police officers should not be laughing about people who were killed by police officers. No police officer has been fired over this incident. It is time to de-unionize the police.

Chuck Mann