Red Scare Tactics in 2022

Dear Editor,

There are logical reasons why presidents have expansive authority, including expansive exemption from procedures, to declassify.  The president of the United States must make decisions with no notice whenever and wherever they deem appropriate.  They shouldn’t have to ask world leaders for a time out to ask permission or direct a bureaucrat to “properly document” declassification.  Per the Constitution, executive offices work for him/her, not the other way around.

At that magical moment the president transitioned to former president, previous decisions were already made with results in the works.  Newly former presidents shouldn’t have to go back in time to make sure I’s are dotted.  Just because the carriage turned into a pumpkin doesn’t mean the princess didn’t attend the ball.  The decision on what to pack occurred while president.

To most voters, Obama’s and Trump’s situations are extremely similar.  Obama supporters argue the files are technically in the possession of the archives who pay storage at Obama’s convenience.  Storing in a self-storage unit or bank vault in Chicago is still not secure for classified documents.  Trump and his supporters will argue the Secret Service protecting the documents are responsible to ensure security.  Obama supporters accuse Trump of using authority to force the Secret Service to act illegally.  Using the same arguments, Obama’s position created undue influence over the Archives.  This makes the Archives just as likely to be a coconspirator/accomplice or victim of Obama as the Secret Service is to Trump.

Another issue is why didn’t the Archives help Trump to the same extent as Obama?  Was this a purposeful or accidental set up caused by biased treatment?  If the Archives failed to proactively guide Trump because they viewed him as evil and went out of their way to help Obama because they viewed him as virtuous, this differential treatment and ultimate outcome, was preordained.

Some claim Trump’s records were dangerous due to sheer volume.  Voters have nothing to compare.  Those making the accusations didn’t tally Obama, Bush, Clinton or Carter’s documents.  They didn’t because these former presidents had unlimited declassification authority.  Anti-Trump officials claim Mr. Dearie lacks the need-to-know required to view classified documents.  As a court appointed official, Mr. Dearie doesn’t just have a need-to-know, he has a responsibility-to-review all collected evidence.  This is a red scare kangaroo court argument where jurors were prevented from seeing evidence based on government officials biased claims/lies.

Alan Burke



Asking For Support

Dear Editor,

As the earth continues to revolve around the sun 365 days, 5 hours, 59 minutes, and 16 seconds, I still wonder how my brother’s killer remains free.

I’m Robin Freedman, sister of Mark Freedman. On Nov. 3, 2020, my brother was murdered while leaving his restaurant, Mark’s on Dolley Madison. My brother lived in Greensboro for over 40 years, owned three restaurants and was committed to his art and the community. Our family and friends continue to grieve, and I know of other Greensboro residents also grieving the loss of someone they loved deeply from violence and gun fire. As we navigate our grief as the earth revolves, I continue to put my trust into local law enforcement. I also look to the community for their enduring support.

The community came together and created the Mark’s Angel Foundation (MAF) with local events coming up. MAF focuses on making our community a safer, healthier and happier place to live, work and play. Annually, we raise and distribute funds to Greensboro public service organizations. Please consider learning more @ With this ongoing love and support, I won’t give up until we find my brother’s killer.

Robin Freedman