Conservatives Need To Get Out And Vote

Dear Editor,

So we’ve exceeded 2 million known illegal border crossers and the year is not over yet. They have so many to deal with they are simply releasing them into the country without proper processing, which means for all intents and purposes they don’t exist.

And everybody’s attention is, for the most part, concentrated on the Eagle Pass area. The cartels are using the old “watch my right hand while I steal your wallet with my left” ploy. Unfortunately people are buying it. The majority of numbers being reported are coming from the activity in that area. What’s the real number? And what is the actual total number when you factor in the unseen, uncaught illegals, that and the huge amounts of drugs crossing as well. And yes, Chris…they are illegals, contrary to what you try to shovel.

Then factor in the increasing number of criminals and terrorists making it across the border. It’s been reported that Venezuela is taking a page from the Cubans and letting people out of prison if they agree to invade America. And that’s what it is, an invasion, an uncontested invasion because the people that are supposed to be guarding it are busy playing babysitter.

Uncle Joe the Puppet and the (National Socialist) Democrat Party don’t care about America and its legal citizens. They have their eyes on power, plain and simple. And yes, there are some Republicans guilty as well, but the number is small.

We have a chance to make the changes necessary to start the corrections, but it means people, Republicans, conservatives, need to get off their butts and get out and vote. If necessary, get together and carpool to the polls. Talk to three of your friends and neighbors and encourage them to get out and vote. But before they do that, encourage them to study the issues. Voting blindly is as bad as not voting at all.

And to the Party officials who try to tell politicians to toe the Party line or else. Those that we elect work for US, not you. And we the people need to make that clear. Elected officials work for we the people, not you.

And Chris (or whatever name you use at the time), call me a hater, a fascist, a tool, whatever. I really don’t care. People that know me know I am not a mouthpiece for others.

Carpe diem!

Alan Marshall



Brown Shirts In America

Dear Editor,

“My Pillow” CEO and Pro Trump Supporter Mike Lindell was harassed by the FBI and his cell phone was seized at a Hardee’s drive thru last week!

Have our current American leaders taken a page from the German playbook and activated the “Brown Shirts” in America?

Is Auschwitz next?

Who were the Brown Shirts?  The Sturmabteilung (more commonly known as the Brownshirts or SA) were a paramilitary group that acted as enforcers for the Nazi Party before they became Germany’s official government. During the Night of the Long Knives, the SA was “blood-purged” – all the high-ranking leaders were killed – and the Brownshirts were replaced by the Schutzstaffel (SS).

Jim Donaldson