Wind And Solar Are Not Baseline Energy

Dear Editor,

I’m not writing to argue about global warming or climate change.

Personally, I believe we live on a molten rock hurtling through space – historically there have been problems. The present policies of the US and the EU will leave far more people dead because of exposure and starvation than the global warming we profess to be addressing.

Recent data indicates we’re not doing anything to help the environment. For every coal plant the USA takes offline, China builds six.  The EU and England are putting coal plants back online to keep cities, households and business running. Natural gas is far cleaner, but currently we are reducing the number of those plants.

Under the non-binding 2015 Paris climate agreement, China can increase its emissions until 2030. Between 2015 and 2021, China’s emissions increased by approximately 11 percent, according to the Climate Action Tracker, which evaluates nationally determined contributions under the Paris agreement. The U.S. reduced its emissions by some 6 percent between 2015 and 2021.

To accommodate our reduction, China is building our solar panels and batteries. A single electric car battery requires 30 pounds of lithium, 60 pounds of cobalt, 130 pounds of nickel, 90 pounds of copper, 190 pounds of graphite, and roughly 500 pounds of steel, aluminum, magnesium, plastic and other materials.

Please don’t tell me your electric car is saving the planet. Few of these materials come from North America or the EU, most come from China, India, Columbia, and with little international environmental oversight. You cannot build a solar panel with solar energy. The amount of energy required to build computer chips, operate a factory, farm or run a city is massive. Nuclear energy and geothermal would be a solutions, there appears to be little legitimate conversation about either.

We cannot merely turn off fossil fuels and natural gas or people will die. We need a cohesive plan, not a deadline. To call John Kerry the energy Czar is an appropriate title. Czars, Kings, and Lords historically have had little regard for their subjects. They become expendable when implementing their policies.

Peter Salman


Martha’s Vineyard Can’t Handle 50 Newcomers

Dear Editor,

So let me see if I have this right. Cities and towns across the country have to take in and support illegal aliens sent to them by Biden and his henchmen regardless of what they said except … wait for it … Martha’s Vineyard. You can’t make this stuff up.

Gov. DeSantis shipped 50 – 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard and within 24 to 48 hours the National Guard, reportedly 100 in number, were brought in to remove and escort them to nearby Joint Base Cape Cod. An installation by the way that is in a red district. Meanwhile, the whining, socialist, liberal crybabies were talking about how they wished they could help them but they didn’t have the infrastructure to do so. In other words, there was no room at the inn.

You had Max Lefeld, a Venezuelan-American and immigrant activist who said, “It’s like me taking my trash out and just driving to different areas where I live and just throwing my trash there.” Really? He compared illegal immigrants to trash? If a conservative said that there would be cries of “hang that fascist hater! Burn his home down!”

All this in a place where there are signs everywhere reading “All are welcome here” and “Hate has no place here” in about  eight or 10 different languages. Google “Martha’s Vineyard welcome migrants sign” to see the whole hypocritical thing. And also remember Obama has a huge estate there. How about giving up a few acres to allow for a temporary encampment?

It’s interesting that if this was a conservative enclave and this happen there the socialist liberal (National Socialist) Democrats would be calling on their mindless zombies to march on it and burn it down. They would be directing their black clad terrorists to attack anyone living there. You have the Gov. Newsom calling for the governors of AZ, TX, and FL to be arrested for kidnapping. The (NS) Democrats are losing it. Newsom also says what they did was illegal, transporting these people out of their states. Really? In that case, arrest Uncle Joe for doing the same.

The (NS) Democrat party really stepped in it this time, and this close to the elections. If the Republican Party doesn’t take advantage of this they’re ignorant and spineless. You’ve been handed the elections on a silver platter.

I’ll bet CNN and the other Democrat propaganda organs have spun this their way.

Alan Marshall