Rights Being Trampled In New Mexico

Dear Editor,

Can anybody believe that a governor (even a Democrat) of a state would be so stupid as to blatantly violate the Constitution of the United States on their own?

The governor of New Mexico issued an “emergency declaration” suspending the rights of the citizens of the city of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County to carry a firearm outside of their residence, open or concealed for 30 days, declaring it a public health emergency. I believe any lawyer worth their salt would declare it a blatant violation of the Second Amendment. To think that she did this on her own would require people to believe anything. Fortunately, for the most part law enforcement has politely told the governor, “Not no. But hell no!”

Conspiracy alert!

The other part of this is it’s almost impossible to believe that all this is taking place without some influence from the (National Socialist) Democrat Party on some level. My personal belief is NM Governor Grisham and Health Secretary Patrick Allen were somehow bamboozled by higher-ups in the party to try this incredibly stupid move as a test to see if it could happen. The question I have is, why no pushback from anybody in the legislature when this whole thing was being prepared? Seems to me somebody somewhere should have stood up and said, “hold the phone there, Ms. Stalin.”

Our doddering president and his handlers in the party got called to the carpet by the Fifth Circuit Court when they tried to cut off the right to exercise the First Amendment. I guess they figured it might be safer to use a lower member of the party to try to go after the Second.

The thing I’m afraid of is they will try to stretch this thing out and hope some other bright, shiny object will distract the masses. This and the attempt to violate First Amendment rights should be a wake-up call. Our rights come from God, not the government.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall


Don’t Believe Baghdad Barbie

Dear Editor,

Last Thursday, on hearing the news regarding cancelled leases and the North Slope embargo, President of the US Oil and Gas Association Tim Stewart  assailed White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as “a sort of Baghdad Barbie” for claiming this administration is trying to lower gas prices.

His organization is made up of the people who actually take the risk of exploration, extracting the oil, refining it into gasoline and getting it to the gas stations so we can just saunter down to Sheetz and fill our tanks, easy-peasy.

He was shocked that the Biden administration is acting in such a blatantly extra-legal way.

“This arbitrary cancellation breaks a series of legal contracts between the federal government and the industry,” Stewart said.

“The administration is going to get sued, and they’re likely going to lose on this. But the bigger losers in all this, frankly, are the American people.” Stewart went on to explain that this administration’s regulations, restrictions, “slow walking” of approvals, and executive orders will cause huge price spikes in coming years, as our ability to meet our future energy needs is being crippled.

But what caused him to speak out was the jaw-dropping mendacity of this White House and it’s spokesperson. It was the barefaced lies of KJP that were so galling. That’s what made him draw the parallel between infamous Baghdad Bob who denied the presence of US troops as our tanks were rolling past him, and the equally shameless lies of the White House Spokesperson.

So, do you believe “Baghdad Barbie,” Joe Biden and the Democrats – or the industry leader who knows what he’s talking about?

The Democrats are lying to us.

Austin Morris