Worst Betrayal Of All

Dear Editor,

The worst betrayal of all is a husband cheating on his wife as Cal Cunningham now admits to having done. 

There is a saying, “Cheaters lie and liars cheat.” North Carolina voters need to think about that – a man who lies to and cheats on his wife – wow – as Friedrich Nietzsche stated about liars: “It’s not that your lied that has stunned me, but that I can no longer believe you.”

Voters, how can you believe anything that Cal Cunningham says? Remember, cheaters lie and liars cheat. North Carolina and America do not need Cal Cunningham in the US Senate.

You think all of his political promises might just be lies?

Anthony Chibbaro


Vote for Sanity

Dear Editor

Nancy Pelosi and other left-wing liberal socialists are cheering that the president and first lady tested positive for the China virus.  During an Oct. 2 interview on MSNBC, Pelosi said that “President Trump’s behavior during [the] pandemic was a brazen invitation for something like this to happen.” 

What she is saying is that it’s Trump fault he tested positive for the China virus.  I guess she also feels that people who smoke deserve to get cancer and that people who drink should not be surprised when they become alcoholics.  Using her logic, people who are overweight deserve to get diabetes.  Left-wing nut job Democrat liberal socialists must also think that firefighters should accept being at a higher risk of getting cancer and that cops should expect to be shot.  These people have no humanity.  They have no soul.  They have no common sense or logic.

Using Hilary Clinton’s “Republicans are deplorable” phrase and logic, left-wing Democrat socialists have now taken on the mantle of being deplorable.  They obviously don’t care about first responders, regular folks and the military.  However, they do care deeply about the “peaceful protesters” who riot, burn down businesses and assault or murder innocent people who are just trying to live their own lives. 

Left-wing Democrat socialists support “No Cash Bail” for those same “peaceful protesters.”  Some Biden staffers have even contributed money to these “peaceful protesters.”  Does anybody really believe that these “peaceful protests” (aka riots) will stop if sleepy Joe (he can’t remember his own name) Biden wins the election?  Even his ultra-left wing Democrat socialist running mate, Kamala Harris, says they will continue no matter who wins. 

Cities that have allowed these riots have failed their citizens because they have failed to protect them.  Everybody wants and expects to live in peace and to feel safe.  Yet some city officials seem to be proud their cities are being destroyed.  In some riot-torn cities, businesses are not allowed to rebuild until they pay their property tax.  So businesses that were destroyed by rioters are victimized again and this time it’s by their own local or state governments.  What the hell are they thinking?

In Minneapolis, the city unanimously voted to defund the police and re-imagine how police do their job.  You know, it’s like sending someone with a knife to a gunfight.  When crime rates skyrocketed, they lamented – Where are the police and why aren’t they stopping all this crime?  Well duh, cops go away, criminals move in and crime explodes.

We simply cannot afford to elect any Democrat councilmember, county commissioner, state legislator, US senator or member of the US House of Representatives.  If they support and encourage this type of mayhem now, God help us if they ever get control of any legislative body or the presidency ever again.  Today’s chaos will look like child’s play.

Save yourself. Save your family.  Save our country.  Kick the Democrats to the curb.  Vote for safety.  Vote for sanity.  Vote for freedom.  Vote for conservatives and Republicans.

Ken Orms


Organized Anarchy

Dear Editor

A New York Times photojournalist has broken a story where he went undercover to try to expose white supremacists as being the actual instigators of the riots across the country. Instead he found this.

“Photojournalist Jeremy Lee Quinn was furloughed this year, so he set out to document the protests and the riots that beset cities across the U.S. following the death of George Floyd. Quinn expected to discover white supremacists caused havoc and violence at riots, but what he actually found shocked him — violent left-wing anarchists who were extremely organized.”

He covered a shoe store being looted and noticed the following.

“A group of men, dressed entirely in black, milled around nearby, like supervisors. One wore a creepy rubber Halloween mask.”

He noticed something similar at another store.

“The next day, Quinn went to another protest, and another store was being looted. A white man wearing all black smashed the window of the store with a crowbar, but he walked away without stealing anything.”

He studied more footage of previous riots and lootings and noticed a pattern. White men dressed in black who appeared to be instigating the looting. He believed these were Trump supporting white euphemists attempting to put BLM in a bad light, so he decided to infiltrate the groups to get the goods. Instead he found “true believers in insurrectionary anarchism.”

From the article, “Quinn told the New York Times that the far-left anarchists were not ‘a spontaneous eruption of anger at racial injustice,’ like much of the mainstream media categorized the violence as. ‘It was strategically planned, facilitated and advertised on social media by anarchists who believed that their actions advanced the cause of racial justice.’”

In other words, organized seditionists attempting to bring down or at least disrupt our government and our society.

But, but, but, these are spontaneous acts in support of BLM and social/racial justice. Not!

Another section of the article talks about a Rutgers research group that “documents the ‘systematic, online mobilization of violence that was planned, coordinated (in real time) and celebrated by explicitly violent anarcho-socialist networks that rode on the coattails of peaceful protest.’ The research found that some anarchist social media accounts had exploded 300-fold since May, garnering hundreds of thousands of followers.”

Quinn details what he found during protests and riots on his website, Public Report.

But hey, I’m just some tin foil-hat wearing nut.

Alan Marshall