The Problem Is With Both Parties

Dear Editor,

“Cats and dogs living together …”

I can’t think of a better line than that to describe the chaos that is now running rampant in the halls of Congress. If there was ever a perfect example of why we need to institute term limits on both Houses of Congress, this is it. These are supposed to be our leaders. Frankly I wouldn’t let them lead me to the latrine. And the problem is not one party or the other, but both!

These “professional politicians” have led – no, not led but driven our great country to the edge of the cliff. When the threat of shutting down the government loomed there was listing of who would not get paid – the military, government workers, necessary functions. What was missing on that list? Oh yeah, these “professional politicians” themselves. They were still going to get paid. That should tell the American people where our representative republic has gone.

These people have forgotten they are representatives of the people – all the people, not those well-heeled few, on both sides of the aisle. That and eliminate the 17th Amendment and go back to senators being elected by state legislatures instead of the popular vote of the people.

One thing that is starting to happen that is scaring the hell out of both parties is the raising interest in a third party. And what could really scare them more than ever is that third parties are actually doing work for all the people. Doing what is best for America first, then everyone else. Things like getting control of the borders (south and north), adhering to the 10th Amendment of the Constitution, giving back control of the American government to the American people.

And I don’t put the entire blame on the “professional politicians.” The average American citizen has a level of blame in this as well. You are the ones that have allowed this to reach this level by your lack of interest and participation. Remember, they work for us, not the other way around. And that applies to ALL levels of government. One way to get back to the way it should be is term limits on Congress. Fire these “professional politicians”.

As Benjamin Franklin said: “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall