Dear Editor,

Cruel.  Heartless.  Callous.  Inhumane.

The Trump administration instituted a policy three-and-a-half years ago that separated children from their parents with no plan in place to reconnect them.  At this point in time, 545 children still have not been reunited, because their parents can’t be located.  These children are being kept in cages much like animals.

Clearly this is government-sanctioned child abuse with the resulting emotional and mental damage beyond repair.  Have you ever lost your child for a time in a crowd?  Remember the panic and sick feeling in the pit of your stomach?  Multiply that daily for three-and-a-half years.

Cruel.  Heartless.  Callous.  Inhumane.

Bob Kollar



 Scary Election

Dear Editor,

If you do not like Trump and you are voting for Biden, you are getting in a vote for Biden the Democrat Party whose agenda is:

murder babies even as they are being born

open borders allowing all criminal invaders into the country

Medicare and welfare for all illegals

eliminate fossil fuels 

confiscate all firearms

take down all founding fathers’ monuments

make Christianity a hate crime

eliminate the Electoral College

pack the Supreme Court with radicals, atheists, Marxist-communists judges who will trash the US Constitution

tax IRA balances

defund the police

create a socialist-communist godless society

Actually, a vote for Biden is a vote for Kamala Harris – who is a hateful radical – to be president as Biden will be out of office, if elected, within six months. Pelosi has already prepared US for enacting the 25th Amendment against Biden due to his dementia.

Think about it. Eliminate fossil fuels – cars can be run on batteries. But how about our Military? Yes, we have nuclear powered aircraft carriers and submarines – military aircraft, tanks, missiles, etc., run on fossil fuels. Democrat AOC in New York will eliminate all air travel – eliminate our military?

So, you may not like Trump? Do you have any idea what you will get from the hateful Democrats like Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, AOC, Pelosi, Liar and Cheat Cal Cunningham, etc.?

Tony Chibbaro