The Abortion Issue Is Not About Abortion

Dear Editor,

The national media would have us believe – through biased and manipulated polls – that the biggest threat to a landslide Republican victory in the mid-term elections is backlash against the Supreme Court decision to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion decision.

According to the leftist media, which is most of the mainstream media, women voters across the US are outraged that they have lost control of deciding if and when to be pregnant, and when to terminate a pregnancy if they so choose.

But that is not the real issue. Aside from the fact that great strides in birth control, not even conceived of in the 1970s, including the so-called morning-after pill, make unwanted pregnancies virtually impossible, except in cases of extreme recklessness or purposeful deceit, the real issue the media hopes we forget is infanticide – baby killing. That, in truth is what Roe v. Wade evolved into, and there is overwhelming resistance to killing fully formed fetuses, and in some cases, already born babies by abortion.

The media would have us forget the sordid scenes of murdered babies in Philadelphia where Dr. Kermit Gosnell was convicted in 2013 of first-degree murder in the deaths of babies born alive at his clinic, then stabbed with scissors. Prosecutors successfully argued that Gosnell blithely killed living late-term babies by severing their spines, and also taught members of his staff how to do it as well. Nine of his mindless ghouls also were convicted in the case, and another four pleaded guilty to murder.

“Ah,” but the media says, “that was 2013 and everyone has long forgotten about it. But we’ll make sure they don’t forget about the US Supreme Court decision earlier this year and scare the living daylights out of women who think they’re being relegated to the Stone Age and back-alley abortions,” which also is not the case.

But hold on with that ancient history nonsense. Let’s look at a newly passed law in California that Gov. Gavin Newsome signed in September, Assembly bill 2223, which prohibits coroners from inquiring into fetal deaths stemming from abortions during the perinatal period, which according to various definitions runs from the moment of pregnancy until one month after birth, or far longer according to some definitions!

Considering that the Supreme Court ruling in 1973 provided for unrestricted abortions only until the end of the first trimester – 12 weeks – and how that limit was incrementally extended decade after decade until the current situation where abortion zealots are killing viable babies, we have to wonder where California – and the country – will take the perinatal limits as time goes by.

But for the moment, looking at political contests across the country, there is one very good option for candidates who think the issue could adversely affect their races. Put every dime you have into graphic still shots and videos of what abortion really means to your Democrat opponents, buy as much space and air time as you can, and remind the voters every single day what the real issue they’re facing looks like.

Ron Winter