Marshall’s Rules On Who Can Vote

Dear Editor,

It’s that time again. Let the games begin.

Of course, the Dems/libs are talking about voter fraud and taking place before a vote is even cast. Oh wait…thanks to them we have an election season instead of day. At the rate they are going, people will be able to start voting on Jan. 2 through the year instead of Nov. 3.

You’ve probably heard on MSNBC, CNN and the other Dem/lib mouthpieces that laughingly call themselves news networks that Republican/conservative states are working to alter their voting laws to give themselves an advantage. To be fair, the Dem/libs do the same wherever they have the power. Both sides are constantly trying to rewrite election laws to give themselves the advantage. The Dems/libs will, of course, use minorities, the poor and the uninformed members of the middle class to give them that edge they need. And I will concede Republicans/conservatives will do the same. They need to in order to stay in the fight. The problem is both sides have written and rewritten election laws so often the overwhelming number of average people has forgotten how simple the sacred right and responsibility is to protect and execute.

Think about it, folks. How hard is it to ensure the legally permitted people are allowed to vote? A lot of people (R & D) are not going to want to hear this because average people will suddenly become more powerful.

Marshall’s Rules on Who Can Vote

  1. Are you a legal citizen born on US territory or a legally naturalized foreign born individual?
  2. Are you at least 18 years of age on or before Election Day?
  3. Can you produce some form of legally issued state or federal government picture I.D.?

I don’t know of any state that doesn’t have available a simple basic I.D. card, usually similar to their state issued driver license. For citizens who can’t be at their assigned poll, for whatever acceptable reason, they will be given, on request, an absentee ballot that can be completed and returned in a reasonable period of time.

Anything more than those three requirements is a blatant attempt to complicate what is a simple act and is an attempt to suppress the voice of those that do not agree with you. They believe the more complicated something is, the more control they have.

Mark Robinson for governor.

Alan Marshall