County Redistricting Politically Motivated

Dear Editor,

The county commissioners meeting on Oct. 22 included the presentation of a set of proposed redistricting maps.  Although the focus in that meeting centered on the impact of the changes on the county commissioners districts, those district lines are shared by the county’s school board.

Redistricting is required to the “balance” changes in population and demographics identified by the Census every 10 years.  The only adjustment required in Guilford County due to the 2020 Census was to move a small segment of the population from District 4 to District 5 in the north-central portion of the county.

Five maps were presented for consideration.  Four of the maps make changes throughout Guilford County, leading me to believe the moves are politically motivated and have little to do with the actual reason the redistricting needed to be completed.

Four of the five did not pass the requirement that checks whether seated incumbents are placed in the same district for school board members.  This item was pointed out by school board member Linda Welborn in the public comments. 

Overall, these potential maps present an onerous implementation load designed to further political agendas with little or no regard to balance or consistency for the school board. 

I urge the citizens of Guilford County to support implementation of Map A based on its simplicity.

Lynn Andrew



Former Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes kicked off Facebook

Dear Editor,

This is our new Nazi America as the left attempts to control our lives and freedom of speech!

My gmail account was abruptly cancelled last week. Wonder why? Could it be my political views that are much like the former sheriff’s? If you believe in pro-life, border walls, election security, strict law enforcement, responsible sentencing of all criminals, God, and our once Great America, you too will soon be silenced.

Jim Donaldson