Reply To Response To Linda Welborn’s Letter

Dear Editor,

I am replying to the disturbing attack that Deena Hayes-Greene, chair of the GCS system and Winston McGregor, the vice chair, made against Linda Welborn and the other three candidates for school board who have teamed up to improve the outcomes of our public school system.

There must be something going on to elicit that amount of vitriol. What Deena and Winston failed to mention was that over half of our elementary, middle and high school students cannot pass the basic competency tests in math and reading.

They can attack and name call all they want but must be ashamed of the results of our school system. Did I miss the section where they bragged on the outcomes the current board is producing?

The other interesting observation is that our school system claims a graduation rate of 91.8 percent. That is unbelievable when under half of high school students can pass the math and reading competency tests. Is there magic being worked during senior year? I have worked with Linda Welborn, Tim Andrews, Crissy Pratt and Demetria Carter. They are all great citizens and are committed to the education of our kids. I would ask that others who are concerned with the poor results of our school system would join me in voting for them. As an important side note, Linda, Tim Crissy and Demetria are committed to drastically improving safety for our kids. The current administration appears to not be up to the task in keeping our kids safe!

Gene Parker