Hamas Unites Israel

Dear Editor,

Shame on Hamas. Before the terrible incidents over the weekend, Israel was divided. People in Israel, and many other countries, were protesting the far right government of Bibi Netanyahu. Now Israel is united, and protesters will be called antisemitic.  Surely Hamas knew what the Israeli government would do after such an attack. If not, all  they had to do was look in the Old Testament and see what the people of Israel did to the Jebusites, Philistines and other groups that made the mistake of living on land claimed by the Israelites.

Attacking innocent unarmed civilians is wrong. If I was a conspiracy theorist I would say that Hamas secretly wishes for the elimination of the Palestinian people. Every time that Hamas attacks Israelis, it goes badly for Palestinians. The number of dead Palestinians always outnumbers the number of dead Israelis. I hope that the Palestinian people turn their backs on Hamas and make sure that all the hostages are released unharmed. Shame on Hamas.

Chuck Mann