Linda Welborn Brings No Nonsense To School Board

Dear  Editor,

This letter is in reference to Linda Welborn, candidate for Guilford County Board of Education, District 4.

Linda has been a singular voice of reason and practical leadership for over a decade! Imagine her accomplishments if we had eight other board members like Linda.

She is a dedicated public servant. She knows the current challenges of her district and the region. Her no-nonsense communication style will continue to be an asset in moving Guilford County Schools full focus on educating children. Education changes lives.

Continue Linda’s dedicated service with another vote for her this Fall.

Robert Millican


Republicans Are Representatives Of The People

Dear Editor,

Elections are less than 30 days away and with the people and campaigns the (National Socialist) Democrat Party is running, if they are able to maintain majorities in the House and the Senate, the Republican Party leadership needs to be replaced lock, stock, and barrel, because it would be obvious they are incapable of changing a diaper let alone assisting in elections.

The Dems are beating themselves, and all we as Republicans/Conservatives need to do is get out in the numbers I know exist and vote. And I’ve said before, if you don’t vote, don’t whine. You lost that right.

In the 6th District of the U.S. Congress we need to elect (LTC) Christian Castelli, a retired soldier who can carry over his leadership skills from the Army to the House. His military experience, as has been shown in other members of Congress with the same, can give him the edge when standing up to those who will try to explain how things work in Washington. I believe LTC Castelli will be an asset to NC citizens in Washington.

In the NC Senate race I can only speak to Phil Berger, whom I know. Phil does and will work for NC citizens regardless of if your party affiliation.

In the NC House race, I have spoken about Jon Hardister, but there are also John Faircloth and Chrissy Smith, two more Republicans who make a difference in the NC House. They, along with Jon, will represent their constituents well.

In the county commissioners races addition to Alan Branson, we need to support Alan Perdue and Pat Tillman, again people who act more like Representatives of the citizens than politicians. And keep in mind these are people that are down at our level, down where they can observe and interact with, people who we can and should interact with on a personal level. Those are Representatives, not politicians.

In the School Board race, look close at Linda Welborn (you go girl!) and Crissy Pratt. They care about your children and what happens to them. Yes, they are in the minority but that doesn’t stop them from fighting the good fight for the children.

Democrats, for the most part, are politicians with an agenda driven by their masters. Republicans are Representatives of We the People and act accordingly.

Remember: Get out and vote! And while you’re at it, bring a friend.

More to come

Alan Marshall



The World Is Laughing At Us

Dear Editor,

The World is laughing at America.

Our vice president publicly declares complete support for our alliance with … North Korea.  She declares, like King Canute, that our Southern border is secure, and when challenged by an incredulous (liberal) journalist, she emphatically repeats her obvious falsehood.

The senile 79 year old in the White House addresses dead people in public, idiotically reads every word on the teleprompter (even saying “Repeat that line”), proclaims “I have two words for you: Made in America”, and profanely declares that “No-one f***s with a Biden”.  What hubris. What egotism. What crudeness.

Except that everyone is f*****g with Biden.

Having crippled US oil production, he flies to Jeddah begging the Saudis to ramp up production to make up the difference. Apparently Saudi oil extraction doesn’t upset Mother Earth – but American oil extraction does. So what do they do? They announce a large CUT in their production. It sure looks like the Saudis are f*****g with Biden.

We were energy independent under Trump – now we go cap in hand to foreigners begging for their help.  And they spit in our face.

Putin has such contempt for the senile septuagenarian that he decides the time is right to invade Ukraine. He wouldn’t have dared under Trump.

Kim Jong-un has begun firing ICBMs over Japan again, something he conspicuously refrained from doing under Trump.

Even our best ally, the Brits, seated the old cretin 17 rows back at the funeral of the Queen – behind the President of Poland.

Nobody respects America with these clowns as our leaders. In fact, the whole World is laughing at this Administration – when they’re not ignoring it.

The feeble old fool and the vacuous VP are wrecking America and imperiling world peace. We have to stop them in November.

Austin Morris