Crissy Pratt Will Bring Balanced Perspective To School Board

Dear Editor,

This letter is in reference to Crissy Pratt, candidate for Guilford County Board of Education, District 2.

I have worked with closely with Crissy over the past year and have several observations that I believe are considerations for her strong leadership potential. Crissy is the best person for this seat for several reasons: She is a very intelligent, highly trained educator. I’ve not met anyone as experienced in creating new programs for primary and secondary education. She understands the complexities of leading a school board. Finally, as a mom and a career educator, she will bring a balanced perspective to the role.

District 2 voters will be glad they chose Crissy to represent them.

Robert Millican


Fed Up With City Council

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you because I’m fed up with this pansy of a city council. Spending money on these pallet sheds for the homeless.  We are down 150-200 police and this is what’s on the list. Where is the money going that’s allocated for these cops?

And another thing fines for garbage cans. How petty. We need better leadership in this city. This mayor has to go.

We citizens are not safe in this city.

M Boltz


GCS Is Sexualizing Our Children

Dear Editor,

Does GCS believe protecting childhood innocence is detrimental to children?

According to the media specialist at Northern Guilford High School, the answer is yes. I attended the MTAC hearing at NGHS on June 3, as well as the District Review hearing on October 3 in which a parent challenged a library book containing explicit sexual content.

The media specialist presented her reasons for keeping the book in the library by using the following resources. Children, Sexuality and Sexualization, Emma Renold, Jessica Ringrose, R. Danielle Egan Innocence, Knowledge and The Construction of Childhood, K. H. Robinson Act Your Age. A Cultural Construction of Adolescence, Nancy Lesko.

The media specialist quoted K.H. Robinson “Socio-cultural taboos around sexuality have resulted in its being viewed as difficult knowledge – that is, knowledge that many adults find challenging to address in their own lives, but especially with children. Childhood innocence can function as a convenient excuse for adults and parents not to address sexual knowledge with children.

“The social construction of childhood innocence which prevails in Western countries, and in some developing countries, is detrimental to children’s wellbeing and their development as competent, responsible, resilient, critical thinking subjects with agency in their lives…

“Through the denial of accurate information and open discussions in the area of sexuality, often in the name of protecting children’s innocence, adults have intensified children’s vulnerability to exploitation and abuse and to undermining of their health and wellbeing more generally in the area of sexuality.”

Why is GCS sexualizing our children and what point did GCS embrace “childhood innocence is detrimental to children’s wellbeing?”

  1. M. Adams