Decent People Are Repulsed And Nauseated

Dear Editor,

They are beheading children. They are shooting pregnant women in the belly. They are gang raping young women so horrifically that some die. They are machine gunning young people who attended a music festival. They are rocketing apartment blocks.

They are pure evil, in other words. They are Palestinian Muslims, backed by Iranian Muslims (and financed by the $6 billion Joe Biden just released to them).

All decent people are repulsed and nauseated by the unspeakable barbarism of these Islamists. But the Democratic Socialists of America see fit to organize a demonstration in New York to protest … Israel.

In Canada, the Communist Party of Canada proudly carry their flags at a rally in support of… the Palestinians.

If you were still in any doubt that the left is the embodiment of evil, here is your proof.

Austin Morris