Tim Andrew Well Qualified For School Board

Dear Editor,

This letter is in reference to Tim Andrew, candidate for Guilford County Board of Education, District 6. I had the opportunity to work closely with Tim over the last year and would like to share my thoughts on why he is the best option for this seat.

Tim has focus and determination that is unmatched by any single candidate I have ever met, in any election. He is highly intelligent and his experience makes him well qualified for this role.

Most importantly, he is a good father. I believe the traits we find in strong fathers are what’s necessary for strong, effective leadership. Tim understands the big picture. He is firm, yet fair. He thrives in measurable goals and outcomes.

Our school board will most definitely benefit with the addition of Tim Andrew.

Robert Millican


They Are Coming After Our Homes

Dear Editor,

The mantra of the World Economic Forum as they address us, is “You will own nothing, and you will be happy”.

Well whether we’re happy about being impoverished is yet to be seen, but they and their cohorts are certainly working to destroy our personal wealth, through inflation, weaponization of the IRS, mass immigration so as to depress wages, new “Climate” laws that will restrict our ability to cool our homes, buy beef, and drive the car of our choice. They’re going to make us serfs.

And they will need to confiscate our biggest single asset of value – our home. Have you been getting multiple offers per week to buy your house? I have.

Have you noticed a new real estate agent, a guy never heard of before, who is obviously munificently bankrolled, buying huge amounts of advertising including expensive television, who is offering to buy your house? Where did he come from? Where did his money come from? He’s named after a Southern European country. Just keep watching TV. You’ll see him.

The globalist elite is determined to establish control over you, me, and everything. They are masterminded by a Bond like villain named Klaus Schwab whose acolytes are already in power everywhere – including the Prime Minister of Canada. Trudeau is such an authoritarian that he froze the bank accounts of Canadian truckers who dared to protest against his policies. They suddenly had no money. These Leftists are complete totalitarians. Then they accuse conservatives of being fascists…

They hate Donald Trump, and that is why he is the target of their unceasing vitriol, venom, and vituperation. He is anathema to them because he loves the American people, the American nation, and the American Constitution.

Our only hope if we are to remain as a free representative republic is to elect him once again as President in 2024….   If the Left doesn’t fraudulently steal the election again.

Austin Morris


Call Me Paranoid, But …

Dear Editor,

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea aka North Korea launches a missile that travels over northern Japan causing a serious scare. Wonder where they are suddenly getting the technology to do this? Vladimir Putin beating on the table talking about using nukes on a country a fraction of his size because he can’t win conventionally due to a military that is poorly trained and led. By the way, he has WORKING nukes. Iran is working hard to get nukes as well. And during all this China is sitting back and quietly watching while working more or less behind the scenes with all of them.

Why is this all of a sudden happening more and more, and in some cases openly? Maybe the fact we have a slowly going senile person in the White House supposedly calling the shots. My question is why aren’t the libs on the left talking about Jill the way they talked about past Republican president’s wives, claiming they were the power behind the man. Come to think of it, what about the Clintons? At least they claimed to be co-Presidents, LOL.

Say what you want about Trump, but at least most, if not all, world leaders walked much more lightly around him then they do around Slow Joe.

I know Chris/Carl Ford is going to start his/her usual ‘Alan’s a fascist, crazy, paranoid, (fill in your own name here), and frankly I don’t care, but given the current state of affairs and the VP (in name only) standing in the wings ready to do the bidding of the (National Socialist) Democrat Party just so she can have the title, I personally am getting a little more worried about the next 2 plus years as to where this country is not only going, but what’s going to happen. I don’t care if someone calls me paranoid, but think about how many have been labeled only to be shown right.

It’s time like this that individual American citizens need to rally together and try to keep things going until we can get the clearer thinking adults back in control again.

We need to be encouraging people to get out and vote. We need to be educating people about the issues with facts, not rhetoric. There are some…some Democrat politicians who, for the most, part think right, but they are few and far between and if you can’t support a Republican/conservative, look at them.

Carpe Diem!!!

Alan Marshall