The Choice is Simple

Dear Editor,

I feel compelled to write this letter in support of District 13 Representative Ted Budd. He has represented the district as he said he would – with honesty and integrity.

Ted was actively involved in securing federal aid for the victims of the tornado that hit east Greensboro and the victims of Hurricane Florence that devastated significant parts of North Carolina.

He is a strong proponent of education and supports the vision and agendas of Bennett College and NC A&T State University to advance the educational opportunities of minority students. He recognizes the necessity of trade skills education and supports GTCC’s efforts in this area.

A vote for Ted is a vote for efficient government, lower taxes, less regulation, border security and fighting the horrendous opioid epidemic.

A vote for Ted’s opponent is a vote to demolish the success our country has experienced domestically and internationally. It is a vote for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s approach of resistance and obstruction which will result in lost jobs for all, higher taxes, open borders and loss of Second Amendment rights.

Do not be deceived by Kathy Manning’s ads. The choice is simple: democracy or socialism.

Vote for Ted Budd.

Joanne Wittenborn



Worst President Ever

Dear Editor,

I have seen a lot of presidents come and go in my lifetime, going all the way back to Dwight Eisenhower.

I never thought I would see another one as devious and sleazy as Richard Nixon.

I never thought I would see another one as nincompoop-dumb as Gerald Ford.

I never thought I would see one as arrogant and insufferable as Lyndon Johnson.

Now I have seen every repulsive quality of those past three presidents combined in one man – our current president, Donald Trump.

How in the world did our system of government ever let a man like that in the White House? And what would be the quickest procedure for removing him?

John Pugh



Don’t Be a Sheeple

Dear Editor,

If the video of the out of control liberal lunatics literally clawing and scratching at the door of the Supreme Court building doesn’t make you pause and think then you are truly in the category of sheeple.

To watch these people screaming, pounding and, yes, clawing and scratching at the doors in an attempt to get in so they could carry on with their insane, mindless, drone-like protests at first amused me. Then I began to think, “If they will go to these extents, do they have any moral or mental limits? Will their next act be one of physical violence against someone who disagrees with them?”

You may be thinking I’m scare mongering or exaggerating, but again stop and watch that video and think hard. We are always taking about how the socialist left doesn’t think, they just react. Here is actual physical proof of that statement. I have an old button that says, “Go, Lemmings, Go,” and I’m starting to think I need to have more made and pass them out to my friends. Because these leftist mind-numbed robots act just like lemmings. Set one off and the rest mindlessly follow.

Another aspect of this that needs to be looked at is who is financing this madness. Someone or more than one are expending an awful lot of money, time and resources to gather their minions, transport them to a location, equip them with signs and have well trained handlers who can guide the mob in their actions. Add to this the burning question most every conservative asks – Do these people work? The answer is of course they do. They work for Rent-A-Mob.

In addition, if you don’t believe our “elected representatives” are in this up to their eyeballs then look at the statements they began making right after the vote. They’ve all but promised to impeach not only President Trump, but also now Justice Kavanagh. The only bastion of real defense conservatives have is the Supreme Court. The left weaponized it then lost control before they could really use it and will now do whatever it takes to regain it. And I do mean whatever.

Judge Kavanagh showed us what we must do. Not only stand up to them, but also strike back. When they back off, so will we.

Get out and vote: Anita Sharpe and Trudy Wade

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Term Limits for Judges

Dear Editor,

We need term limits for judges.  I don’t think that any judge should serve in any court for more than four years. Appointed federal judges for life is a terrible idea. Judges have tremendous power that should be limited. Some judges have the power and the legal right to take your life, liberty, property and end your pursuit of happiness.  Under some circumstances they can take your money, car, house, pets and children. They can force you to take medication, have you committed, put your kids up for adoption, have your dog euthanized and even order your execution. Some one once said, “Judge not lest ye be judged.” We need term limits for judges.

Chuck Mann



CEO Activism

Dear Editor,

Liberal CEO’s are using company resources to champion personal controversial social causes.

When Dan Cathy spoke in favor of traditional marriage his business suffered. Militant LGTB activists failing to threaten customers, sales increased, went after contracts.  They forced liberal presidents and CEO’s to stop contracts.  Mr. Cathy stated his personal constitutionally protected opinion.  He did not commit or restrict company resources for its support. Many employees at Chick-fil-A identify as gay.

Liberal CEO’s openly attacked North Carolina voter rights.  These companies openly ban sales of items they find offensive, yet attack cake shop owners, small business CEO’s, the right to do the same.  Tech companies ban messages offensive to liberals, also known as logical counter arguments, yet demanded Arkansas and Indiana veto bills offering the same protection to conservative messages.  These CEO’s openly oppose free speech, banning it as “hate speech” counter to “open inclusion” policies, while using company resources to attack opposition ability to do the same.

This is a despicable hypocritical cycle.  The companies that suppressed voter’s rights in North Carolina, Arkansas and Indiana successfully deflect negative attention away from their own discriminatory policies.  The tech and financial industries hire far too few women and African Americans.  It is easier to verbally pontificate support for a faux politically created minority based on personal identification in this hostile environment than to address real minority concerns.  The NFL, NBA, and NCAA have large numbers of minority players yet comparatively fewer in management, coaching and executive positions.  These same organizations have been criticized for hostile work environments and actually fostering “rape cultures” which mysteriously stopped when claiming opposition to conservative NC voters and women’s rights.  They openly supported a politically created minority to avoid real difficult work.

Tech Company’s famously fought FBI “intrusion,” to protect individual privacy.  They outsourced manufacturing to firms owned by the central Chines communist government, who also by definition own its intelligence and defense resources.  Of course they put spyware in devices threatening individual privacy while also increasing Chinas military and intelligence advantage.  These industries loudly support liberal agenda, while shipping high paying manufacturing overseas, depressing wages, depriving minority opportunities, and increasing harsh conditions in China.

They use the pocketed savings to attack our rights.  Promoting a false veneer of social consciousness that distracts from reality to deflect blame is more lucrative than actually fixing anything.

Alan Burke



Innocent Until Proven

Dear Editor,

Welcome to America. This is my country. This is your country. According to our laws and our Constitution, you are innocent until proven guilty. Just recently a certain political party destroyed the lives of two professional people, a male and a female, and their complete families. This happens in communist countries, not yours and mine – America.

Thank you, Rhino Times, for the freedom of the press.

The son of a legal Russian immigrant.

Alexander Kohanowich



Led Astray

Dear Editor,

In a unity of one, “We the people” are riding the same train and when politicians have their way, they dig an early grave for all of us.  The liberal, share the wealth, party of Karl Marx didn’t help Russia as one five year plan after the other failed and Putin reportedly became 100 times wealthier than Trump under the same system.

Is our media so vacant brained about economic truths they can’t see these things?  We have been led astray by political opinion and corruption has flourished.  As a nation, we have lived far beyond our means and are now $26 trillion in debt.  This must change.

One thing is for certain, we have been guided astray by two opposing political parties and the one less astute to fiscal realities has taken us further away from being what economically should benefit the betterment of all within a base of  we the people. Finally, almost all early democracies failed, not by not being liberal enough, but by too many freedoms that lacked self-discipline and character and it looks like we are close to allowing the same to end our dream as well.

Ray Hylton