Get Out And Vote

Dear Editor,

Elections are closing in fast. We will soon have to make a final choice for those that will work for us. Note that phrase – “work for us.” They work for us, not the other way around.

One of those running is Phil Byrd. He is running for the post of high sheriff of Guilford County. Phil has the experience and most importantly personal desire to do the job without being concerned about what people think. Phil’s attitude is one of “I’m not going to please everybody and don’t intend to try. My job is to enforce the law, support my people, and put the safety of law-abiding citizens first, no matter who I might upset.”

Phil brings the experience and desire we need in a high sheriff. Politics don’t matter. Safety and security do. We need Phil Byrd as our sheriff.

Another person currently running is someone I have known since he was a student at Greensboro College. Jon Hardister has shown time and time again he cares about not just the people in his district, but the people of North Carolina in general. With Jon you know exactly that he will support the people over anything else. Some don’t know, but Jon’s mentor as it were was Howard Coble. Jon thinks, like Howard did, that the people are the only thing that matters and regardless of if you are Democrat or Republican you are a constituent and deserve to be treated as such. I haven’t always agreed with some positions held by Jon but he does what’s best for the people –  maybe not all, but you can’t please everybody.

On the County Board of Commissioners we have Alan Branson running at large. Again, he is a man that looks to represent and watch out for the people of Guilford County and is prepared to fight until the very end for them, again regardless of their political affiliation. They are constituents first and D or R second.

Above all else I want to encourage people to get out and vote. My philosophy is if you don’t vote, what business do you have to complain about it?

I personally believe we need to eliminate this early voting B.S. Sorry, but it had to be said. I also believe Election Day should be a national holiday. At the rate we’re going every day will be a voting day.

Voting – a right and a duty.

Alan Marshall