Big Oil Not The Only One With Big Profits

Dear Editor,

Isn’t it strange that a week before an election Joe Biden starts ranting against oil companies’ profits but stays silent about record busting profits by global pharmaceutical companies?

Pfizer is estimated to make a profit of $100 billion this year, but Old Joe isn’t talking about a confiscatory windfall tax on them and the rest of big pharma. I wonder why.

Most of Pfizer’s profitability came from their uncertified mRNA COVID “vaccines” and Paxlovid (another COVID drug).

It would be cynical of me to say that these unproven chemicals cause heart damage and blood clots, especially when Pfizer has Vyndaqel (sales up 29% year-on-year) to help with weakened hearts, and Eliquis (sales up 15%) to help alleviate clotting. What a coincidence! So if the COVID “vaccines” have wrecked your cardiovascular system, don’t worry. Pfizer has a pill for that.

You can trust Old Joe, and the company that paid the largest healthcare fraud fine in history ($2.3 billion).


There’s no need to start thinking for yourself…

Austin Morris


Stand Up To China Before It’s Too Late

Dear Editor,

When will ”our” federal government stand up to China?

Just in the last month I have heard about how the Chinese dictatorship has police stations in Europe, Canada and even New York City. A total of 162 scientists that worked for the Los Alamos National Laboratory have been recruited to work for the Chinese government.

China has hired British pilots to train Chinese pilots. And now it turns out that a congressional staffer was fired for her ties to the Chinese embassy. China is the biggest threat our country has ever faced. I hope that the U.S. government will stand up to Communist China before it is too late.

Chuck Mann