China Is Our Biggest Threat

Dear Editor,

I would like to commend Vice President Mike Pence for standing up to the Chinese dictatorship, and the NBA.

He said, ”The NBA is acting like a wholly owned subsidiary of the authoritarian regime.” Since then there have been no boycotts, or democracy protests at ballgames.

A lot of Americans love China. Liberals and conservatives should join together to stand up to China. China is the biggest threat that our country has ever faced. They are more of a threat than Russia, North Korea, Iran, or Saudi Arabia. They took Tibet, and they may take Taiwan.

All Americans should oppose, not appease, the Chinese dictatorship.

Chuck Mann


Independent Voters Key To Upcoming Election

Dear Editor,

After watching, listening and digesting what the progressive leftist whack-a-doodles throughout the country are advocating for, or in some unbelievable cases have actually enacted, it makes one step back and wonder if and how this country can survive. It’s little wonder the social justice whiners and their ilk flock to the urban areas thus concentrating their voting power, something they are not ignorant about. It also explains why they are so adamant about doing away with that pesky (?), racist (?), sexist (?), homophobic (?), anti LGBTQRSTUV (did I miss anybody?) Electoral College. How dare those ignorant, Bible thumping, tobacco spitting, meat eating, gun toting, red necks that live in the sticks and fly-over country be allowed to have an equal say in who shall be our ruler? Unlike us, they aren’t smart enough to be allowed to make such an important decision.

While I believe there are some laws that need to have their levels of punishment adjusted downward and in a very few cases decriminalized, you have to wonder how brain-dead someone has to be to think that not punishing theft is an idea that will advance civilization. The only way to balance that out is to also do away with the laws that restrict the victims from protecting their property. After all, they are all about fairness aren’t they? They always insist on level playing fields. Care to guess how that would come out?

The prize in the upcoming election is the unaffiliated, independent voters. Now more than ever they’re the key to victory. Republicans must concentrate on them more than the base. The push needs to be more into getting them out to vote conservative than to join the Party. I understand the desire to increase the number of party members but the first, main priority needs to be to get votes over members.

The fiasco currently taking place in the House is the best thing that can happen to the Republicans. President Trump just needs to stay the course on his policies, stay above the fray and not let the clowns get his goat. And for God’s sake don’t let the wicked witch of the west goad him into doing something as stupid as testifying in these sham hearings.

Get the UN out of the US and the US out of the UN.

Go Galt and save the Republic

Alan Marshall