Thanks For The Good News, Please Add Some Bad

Dear Editor,

Thank you for being thorough in your article update reporting as to the wond-dif-erous donation to the animal shelter.  As an advocate for animal rights also, could you please take note to add those “put down.”  It is a bad news yet a realistic shocker of the public disregard for animal rights which as we do with other horrific news it does impact those adoptions to increase and those surrenders to reconsider.  Of course if our economic picture were better it too could help in the decisions of the public.

Thank you for your perspective of the news you cover it is entertaining and informative and always appreciated

Lynne Broderius


We Can Make A Positive Difference

Dear Editor,

In these difficult and unsettling times, we are often at a loss of how to act and what to do.  One approach was offered by President Theodore Roosevelt when he said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”  We can’t change the world, but we can make a positive difference by practicing kindness, offering hope and doing for others in need; and by always remembering that all things right and good hinge on love.

In a poem, Belinda Statler gives us the following: “Do selfless deeds when we can, not hesitating to do what is right and when we do, each of us can be a beacon of light.” May it be so. May it be so.

Bob Kollar