Proudly Deplorable

Dear Editor,

After years of Barack and Hillary’s transforming efforts, I’m still an irredeemable and deplorable gun, Old Glory, anthem and Pledge of Allegiance clinger. For good measure, I also plead guilty to being one of joking Joe Biden’s “dregs of society.” I’m not even a churchgoer or registered Republican. But I have a hunch I’m a member of a fairly large club.

As an observant, thinking and informed voter, I’m also going to disappoint Kathy Manning. The DNC advises their congressional candidates in purple and red states to run center or right of center. Democrats must lie to get elected and, if elected, they will vote as instructed by Pelosi and Schumer. Manning will be no exception. Democrats are also guilty of what they accuse their political enemies. They can lie about me with impunity because the leftist mainstream media is corrupt. For example, they call me and my fellow deplorables haters, package bombers and the like. But The New York Times can publish excerpts from a current book about the assassination of President Trump in graphic detail without apology and ignore reporting on over 600 reported attacks of Trump supporters.

Pardon me for not supporting a borderless nation and subsequent loss of our national sovereignty. Abolishing ICE, advocating return to higher taxes, more federal regulations, more dependency and victimhood, weaker military and abandonment of due process (Kavanaugh hearings) destroy American ideals and dreams for generations to come.

My Marine Raider father and life-long Democrat until his death in ‘72, didn’t fight and almost die in the jungles of Guadalcanal and Bougainville to have his son vote to change his beloved country into a socialist nation. Equality, social justice and free stuff sounds good on the surface. All we need to do is turn the USA over to Democrat socialist demagogues and bureaucrats to dispense taxpayer largesse and all our ills will be solved. Socialism has not worked anywhere in the history of the world. Politically correct revisionist history has shamelessly misled the last few generations into believing the utopia of socialism.

It’s time for Democrats to stop demonizing those who disagree. Ronald Reagan reminded us, “Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction … it must be fought for, protected and handed on for our children to do the same”.

S.C. Wood



Invasion at Border

Dear Editor,

The invading horde, aka the caravan, coming up from the south has clearly stated they don’t want the assistance Mexico has offered. They clearly stated they were going to the USA and will not stop until they get there.

Make no mistake; this is an invading foreign force. It does contain women and children, but it is still an invading foreign force. A very small, and I mean single digit, percentage may qualify for asylum, but the rest don’t and need to be stopped from entering this country. Failure to do so will result in the message being sent to the rest of the world that the doors are open and if you can get to Mexico you can walk right in.

President Trump has ordered the military to the border, and it’s about time. The best part is the whiny liberal left in Congress can’t do a thing about it. The deployment of the military is the constitutional purview of the commander in chief, and Congress and the courts can’t do anything about it.

The military needs to be deployed in greater numbers and in a role that needs to go beyond support. Because the Border Patrol is so few in numbers they are going to need help in executing their primary mission. The military needs to be used in their primary role, and that is the defense of the sovereignty, safety and integrity of the United States homeland and its legal citizens.

For the bleeding heart progressives that will try to claim the military has no authority to perform in this role, let me point out something I recently heard a law professor point out – the Posse Comitatus Act does not apply in this case. The military would not be enforcing law; it would be defending against a foreign force attempting to invade the United States.

You can bet the socialist left will try every legal trick at their disposal to stop this deployment. Just as they will try to ensure every member of the invading horde is given an asylum hearing regardless if they are entitled to one or not. They will try to gum up the courts as much as possible in preparation for the next wave of invaders already forming down south.

Get out and vote: Chuck Kitchen and Anna Gerringer Amoriello.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Shocked & Saddened

Dear Editor,

My heart bleeds for the families of the Jews killed in Pittsburgh.  Such a horrific sad thing to have happen in our country.  I am ashamed.  I had thought we were above and beyond such mindless hatred.  As I attempt to process this event, I find that I cannot.  I don’t understand being persecuted for your religion.

Freedom of religion is one of the primary foundations upon which our country was founded.  And the New Testament tells us that we should not judge.

Most Rhino readers were born Caucasian and Christian.  But what if we were not?  What if we were born Pakistani and Muslim?  Or American and Jewish? Or Indian and Hindu?  I don’t think that would make us bad people.  We can support each other.  We can learn from one another.  We all have truths and, at their core, these truths are the same: Love one another.  I don’t know where the hate comes from.  Why?  Why?  Why?

I am shaken.  I am sad. I am shocked.  I am horrified.  I am stricken.  I had thought better of us.  Nobody deserves to be massacred as they pray.  Acts like these take us back to the Dark Ages.  Have we learned nothing since then?

Maureen Parker



How Will You Vote?

Dear Editor,

I would like to get something straight. Will you vote?  How will you vote?  Are you pro-life and against abortion? If you say you are pro-life and vote for a Democrat, you are living a lie and the truth is not in you.

Fact: The Democrat leadership will not allow you to run as a Democrat if you are pro-life.

Democrats are responsible for the death of 60 million babies that have been aborted.

The local news frequently shows pictures of dogs chained up and starving, and some will weep over this.  It makes me angry as well. When our three boys were at home, we always had a dog. They were great for our boys and it was a sad day when they died, but they were not human beings.  A dog, when it dies, is buried and stays there.  A human being (baby) is buried also but will someday be resurrected, just as all believers, when Jesus comes back on a cloud. They, like all believers, will spend an eternity with our God in heaven. But those for abortion will not even shed a tear when an abortion occurs.

One thing, it is against the law to show an aborted baby. But God sees and knows all, and you will answer for this one day. It is said that in Germany during World War II, some churches sang louder and louder to drown out the Jews crying out for help in trucks packed like sardines headed for the gas chambers. There are some among you that call President Trump Hitler-like. I want to ask you: Who is more Hitler like?

It is said that there is more money spent on dog food than baby food. It is understandable when you think of the 60 million that are missing.  If you take the population of the seven Southeastern states – North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana – and add them up, it would equal the number of abortions that have occurred. Just think, waking up and finding those seven states with no one alive.

How do you face each day, or how will you explain this to God, when you stand before him, and you will.

I have never seen so much hate as I have seen in the last two years. As much as you hate President Trump and how you sat by and let those Democrat senators ruin this judge’s life, look at yourself in the mirror and you will see hate like this world has never known. I pray that everyone sits down and evaluates everyone running for office before you cast that ballot.

Bennie Taylor



Vote BJ Barnes

Dear Editor,

This letter is my endorsement of BJ Barnes reelection as sheriff of Guilford County. I have known and worked with Sheriff Barnes for more than 40 years. He has been an excellent sheriff and under his direction the Sheriff’s Office has become a professional and respected law enforcement agency.

During Sheriff Barnes time in office, reported crime has decreased more than 60 percent in Guilford County. The district system he implemented has brought the deputies and the community closer, both in travel time and in working together. This has enhanced the community policing policies of the department. He has instituted many other programs within the Sheriff’s Office both in law enforcement and detention.

One of his biggest accomplishments was convincing the Board of Commissioners and the voters of Guilford County to build a new jail in Greensboro. Previous sheriffs had seen the need for a new jail but Sheriff Barnes was able to get it built. In addition, it was completed well under the budget.

Sheriff Barnes has many accomplishments as sheriff; however, his biggest asset is that he is truly concerned for the welfare and safety of the citizens of Guilford County, whether they are in the jails or on the street or in their home.

I think the choice in this election is clear. BJ Barnes is by far the best candidate.

Tom Sheppard



Walker v. Watts

Dear Editor,

Mark Walker tells us he kept his promises. “The reality is that Republicans gave their word to the American people to rein in out-of-control spending,” said Walker, and then he voted for Trump’s tax bill, which increased the national debt in the last fiscal year by $1.3 trillion and gave a huge tax break to 0.1 percent of us taxpayers. Want more of the same? Vote for Walker.

Want someone who will actually do something about the deficit, then elect Ryan Watts. Watts will fix Social Security by raising the taxable base from its current level, and restore the Social Security trust fund. Watts emphasizes the importance of paying teachers a living wage and promoting recruitment of teachers who are experts in their fields. Community colleges and vocational schools must be more affordable to students, and the interest rate on student loans must be lowered.

He advocates for reforms to permit Medicare to negotiate drug prices; stopping big pharma from preventing lower-cost generics from coming to market; legalizing the importation of lower-cost and safe medication.

Watts believes we need to make strategic investments in health care, infrastructure, green energy and biotechnology to create new, well-paying jobs.

Vote for Ryan Watts.

James Bennett



More Senators

Dear Editor,

My daughter is puzzled why each state has two senators, when for example California has easily 50 to 60 times the population of Wyoming. Representation she readily understands. I’m sure our founding fathers never envisioned such imbalances amongst the states.

Therefore I propose dividing our three most populous states, namely California, Texas and Florida, in half. In the case of California and Florida, the state lines would be absolutely horizontal corresponding to the earth’s curvature. Exactly one half of the populations would be north and south of these state lines. No squiggles allowed. As for Texas, a totally vertical line dividing the state likewise, creating East Texas and West Texas.

As for politics, California would possible add two more liberal senators, two more conservative senators and I don’t know about Florida.

I have created a proposed new flag design: five rows of eight stars each, three in the middle and two rows of seven starts each, above and below the three middle rows.

As for the 54th state, how about Puerto Rico? Adding PR would be so PC.

John Taylor-Hall



Political Solution

Dear Editor,

In recent years, Democratic politicians who previously supported closing our borders to illegal immigrants have used their unified minority votes to stop any Republican-backed legislative action that would provide a solution to this social issue. Why? Because solving the problem would look good for the Republicans.  Don’t believe me?  Look at the extreme differences in Democrat’s’ statements supporting control of immigration (when they had the power to legislate it) and statement by the exact same Democrats now that favor blocking Republican legislation intended to solve the problem (Obama, H. Clinton, B. Clinton, C. Schumer, M.Waters, et. al.).

Clearly they have chosen to politicize this issue, given the fact that three mass immigration caravans have been conducted with Democratic socialist support and, more importantly, without any Democratic politician expressing opposition to these mass illegal invasions.

Trump should ask Democratic leaders to publicly oppose the illegal invaders and call for turning them away.  Should they refuse to do so, all future illegal immigrants will be sent directly to sanctuary cities in states that vote Democratic in the upcoming midterm elections.  Additionally, they should be required to immediately begin the naturalization process and maintain weekly telecommunication with INS or be deported.

Soon, the taxpaying citizens of these sanctuary states will get tired of paying disproportionately higher taxes and enduring higher crime rates to support the “undocumented aliens.” Once the voters that support open borders are required to put their money where their mouth is, they will change their tune.  Maxine Waters and her ilk want us to “welcome” these illegals while telling her supporters to “get up in the face” of her political opponents and make these American citizen politicians know they are “not welcome here.”

Funding quickly disappears for politicians who create higher taxes and costly unpopular programs.  Voting is how we resolve politicized social issues.  Making specific taxpayers fund the cost of their favorite unpopular issues will change how they vote.

Keith Church




Save Social Security

Dear Editor,

I just looked at a copy of the AARP bulletin for October. From page 8, they list 10 ways the midterms will affect older Americans. This is of interest, as I am an older American receiving Social Security and Medicare benefits. On page 8 is a sentence, “AARP is 100 percent nonpartisan.” Sure, baby. They just lied to us.

For example, the first way is “Shoring up Social Security.” The paragraphs go on to say that if Republicans still control Congress next year, one thing is that they would cut Social Security. Bah-loney. No politician would get elected by suggesting that. The financial problem with Social Security funding started from day one. Our politicians have spent all the contributions from you and your employers in order to fun their get-reelected, pork barrel, log-rolling schemes.

Social Security is insurance, not your savings account. Money paid in is used to pay out benefits to those who are eligible now. What was, and is, leftover was to be set aside for future benefits. That never happened. So, in the next decade, Social Security benefits will add more to the deficit. Our government will still send out the checks, but they will buy less and less every day. (Can you say Venezuela?)

There are solutions, but no politician will touch them. For example, we could raise the eligibility age from 62/65 to 64/67, say five years out. All Social Security taxes paid in would actually but put in interest bearing accounts and not spent for other purposes.

When Social Security began, there was not an early retirement or disability benefit. Most people did not make it to age 65, and if you did, not much more. This tax scheme generated a lot of cash not (or never) needed. Eighteen people paid the benefits for one person. Since we are living well into our 70s and 80s now, it is obvious that the solution is to raise the retirement age; and to keep the tax out of politicians hands. Sounds simple to me.

E.R. Harris



Barnes Invaluable

Dear Editor,

It was both an honor and a pleasure working side by side with BJ Barnes, researching and writing North Carolina’s first comprehensive plan addressing the problem of illegal drugs; together on the North Carolina Drug Cabinet under executive order of the governor.

BJ’s experience and expertise were invaluable in making the criminal justice piece of the plan comprehensive. He traveled statewide, meeting with fellow law enforcement leaders, judges, elected officials and victims, gathering data and ideas. Working in coordination with senior staff from many departments of state government, the plan was completed and presented to the lieutenant governor and governor within one year.

Within two years, 90 percent of the legislation in the plan was passed in unheard of bipartisan fashion by the General Assembly, in part because of the thorough, inclusive and comprehensive work of staff professionals like BJ Barnes.

Paul C. Richardson

Former Exec. Dir., NC Drug Cabinet


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