Words mean things and sometimes those words not said are as important as those said.

My opponent ran an ad in last week’s Rhino Times where he listed many items that were either just plan false or subjective at best. I’m going to correct a few. Time and space will not allow me to correct all, but you will get the idea he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

My opponent said he has no criminal convictions, yet the public record as well as his own statements in forums and social media say different, as does the research done and reported by some of the media.

Three of his criminal charges were for assault on a female; they were dismissed because the complainants did not show up for court.

I personally asked one of the complainants why and was told she was terrified of the man and was actually out of the state to avoid him. That’s scary. No woman should ever be abused, which makes the two domestic violence protective orders issued against him – which he does not mention – just as concerning. He says he’s a changed person and I pray that’s true, but can we take that chance?

Mr. Rogers fails to address in his ad the $40,000 in civil judgments, most for failure to pay his federal and state taxes – taxes that help pay for the office he wants to run.

Other judgments for failure to pay others money he owed them. Is this the type person you want to run a $64 million-a-year operation?

Mr. Rogers lists a litany of morale issues and EEOC complaints. In 20 years there have been 14 EEOC complaints – 12 were adjudicated as unfounded, meaning untrue; two are still pending.

Oftentimes, employees who are subpar in performance and fear they may be terminated file an EEOC complaint to try and protect their jobs.

He mentioned two pending lawsuits claiming discrimination by former employees, costing taxpayers thousands of dollars. I have excellent attorneys assigned to the sheriff’s office who get paid whether they do anything or not. These attorneys are involved with these cases. The employees in these lawsuits were part of the morale issues he mentioned and criminal charges should have been part of this process as well. The sheriff’s office is so much better off without them, and they are now part of my opponent’s team – that was not said. There is no validity to their claim; in short, it’s politics.

My opponent goes on and on, making false and unsubstantiated statements. I’m prepared to back everything I have said with real documentation.

His statement concerning no blacks in supervisor positions is just plain wrong. I promoted Herb Jackson, to the third highest ranking position in the sheriff’s office. In fact, it was he who actually fired Mr. Rogers, at the direction of Sheriff Sticky Burch, for conduct unbecoming an officer, repeated violations of policy and procedure and leaving his assigned post.

Mr. Rogers said he was not fired but left because of a difference of opinion; his employee file says different.

I have also promoted Chuck Williamson, again to the third highest position in the sheriff’s office, second only to the chief deputy. I have promoted minority captains, lieutenants and sergeants. These African Americans as well as all the minorities I have promoted were promoted based on merit, not skin color. My opponent’s attempt at race baiting is an insult to them as well as all the great minorities we have working with the sheriff’s office.

Folks, you have a great sheriff’s office and great men and women working for it. I will not address here the rest of his ridiculous ad. I ask for your vote to continue providing you a sheriff’s office you can be proud of.