Queen’s Experience Counts

Dear Editor,

I have closely watched the ongoing Republican race to select a candidate for county sheriff, and the one obvious conclusion is that Billy Queen stands out as the best qualified, most experienced and most capable.

He has worked as a local law enforcement officer in the High Point department as well as at North Carolina A&T State University Police Department. He then expanded his credentials to the US Border Patrol working on the southern border, which gave him useful insight into our issues with illegal immigration and drug smuggling, then went on to his undercover ATF work.

Billy has been a patrol officer, undercover officer, department manager, author and sought-out lecturer on law enforcement issues. He doesn’t have to theorize on how to do the job, and won’t have a very steep learning curve, because he knows how to do it.

Billy Queen will start improving the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department on the day he becomes sheriff. For that, I am highly recommending that we get behind him and support him with our votes in the GOP primary on May 17.

Fran Rafanovic