Schools An Open Sewer

Dear Editor,

In just the last month we have heard of the extent of sexual violence in Guilford County Schools – perpetrated by the “educators.”

Mark Johnson, formerly of Page High School, charged with multiple counts of statutory rape. Christopher Holland of Dudley sentenced to 77 years for also raping children. Richard Gene Martin, former substitute teacher, charged with first degree rape and indecent liberties.

Is this just the tip of the iceberg, the incidents we actually learn about? And that go to court?

The government schools monopoly is an open sewer of incompetence, indifference, bullying, political indoctrination, sexual perversion and sexual predation. As our children consistently rank around 27th in the world academically, and our academic standards continue to decline, so the mountain of money demanded by the education extortionists explodes – but it’s “for the children …”

No, the children are the victims, in so many ways.

Would you throw your kids in that sewer?

Austin Morris