Fire Officer Who Shot Child

Dear Editor,

In Mississippi, a police officer (Greg Capers) shot an unarmed 11-year-old boy. What terrible thing did this underage “perpetrator” do? He called 911 to help his mother. The police officer has been put on paid leave, which is the same thing as a paid vacation. Also, the police department won’t release body camera footage. I think that any police officer that shoots an unarmed child that hasn’t broken the law should be fired.

Chuck Mann



Fund Leandro, Not Vouchers

Dear Editor,

HB 823/SB 406, the “Opportunity Scholarships” bill, would change the slow starvation of public education that the NC General Assembly has enacted for more than 30 years.  It would throw open the financial floodgates, diverting hundreds of millions of public dollars to private entities with no accountability.

At this moment, North Carolina teachers would need a 24.5 percent raise just to earn the national average salary.  Our children are suffering developmentally because their schools are drastically underfunded in most every way.  With $5.5 billion in surplus assets, why is the NCGA hanging our children out to dry?

HB 823/SB 406 removes income limitations for voucher recipients, and would nearly double next year’s funding.  Its current funding vastly exceeds what North Carolinians are using.

Private schools can refuse admission to any individual child they choose to, and they do.  When a child does enter a private school, they immediately lose their rights to equal education under federal law.  Private schools can upcharge for essential services like occupational or speech therapy.

NC’s Constitution guarantees the right to a “sound, basic education” for all NC children.  Rep. Jeff Zenger, fund Leandro, not vouchers.  It’s the morally and fiscally responsible choice.

Kimberly Thornton Scholl