Rich Already Pay More

Dear Editor,

Fewer things make me more upset than when I hear these leftist crybabies whine about the rich not paying their fair share. Full disclosure – I am not wealthy. Like the majority of us I work hard for what I do make and I hate seeing my tax dollars being wasted on what Sen. Kennedy (R. La.) describes as bovine waste.

What the leftists can’t seem to grasp is that the wealthy already pay more than their fair share. The editor can correct me if I’m wrong but, if I’m not mistaken, the most recent data indicates that the top 10 percent pay 90 percent of this country’s tax burden with the top 1 percent picking up over 50 percent. How much more do you leftist fools want? If you are wanting fairness then you should be advocates of a flat tax rate that is fair to everyone from top to bottom. Using 10 percent as a base figure, for every $10 you make, you pay a dollar.

Now, I don’t mind helping those who genuinely need help. That said, no one owes me a living and I owe no one else a living. Help those who really need help. At the same time trim out all the leeches, parasites and other assorted slackers and slouches. The only help they need is a good hard swift kick in the backside!

Jim Bailey