Protect Our Democracy

Dear Editor,

Republicans and Democrats should be able to agree that no president, regardless of party, should be able to obstruct and undermine the will of the American people or exploit weaknesses in our political system for personal gain.

That’s where the Protecting Our Democracy Act comes in. If passed, it would prevent future abuse of presidential power and corruption, increase transparency and ensure presidents of either party can be held accountable.

Strengthening the guardrails on presidential power is just common sense. If the average person used their office for personal gain, they’d go to jail. If the average person could pardon themselves, there would be no rule of law.

No president should be above the law. That’s why I’m urging Congress to pass the Protecting Our Democracy Act. We must prevent future presidents of any party from abusing the power of their office.

Susan Frye



Solution To Baby Formula Shortage

Dear Editor,

So Creepy Uncle Joe managed to somehow screw up an even worse crisis of his creation. Just when it was announced he finally agreed to ask help from other countries he added the caveat that it would only go to certain facilities and agencies (who I personally believe were chosen by his flunkies) for distribution.

I know, the whiny liberals are screaming it’s the only fair way to distribute it.  My answer is the old saying by President Ronald Reagan warning people about government offers of intervention: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.

How about this: Dems have all that data about where the shortages are the worst and every store in the country is going to be demanding a share of the supply. Obviously the initial supply will not be enough to get everybody some.

I don’t believe I’m about to say this, but state and local governments, based on where the shortages are worst, should be responsible for the distribution until stores can get back up to reasonable levels. Yes, the distribution centers should charge a price based on an average of what local stores were charging, and a limit on the amount of each purchase until this situation is under control. And each of these distribution centers should be closely monitored by local officials to at least try to ensure there is little hanky-panky going on.

But let’s keep in mind that this situation is a Democrat controlled Joe Biden emergency. Yes, the manufacturer does carry a large amount of blame for their failure to maintain standards, but those standards are federal standards and I want to know why it was allowed to get this bad. A conspiracy theory specialist would say it was a test by the extreme left to see how much control they could get from something like this, but let’s not let ourselves be distracted by that idea. What this really was is another piece of proof that Biden and his cronies only care about what will push their agenda items, like gas price control for the purpose of eliminating fossil fuels quickly, border control (or more specifically their desire for no border control), and don’t forget the attempt to take control of how elections are run.

My concern is what will happen if they ever figure out how to do this on the sly.

Carpe Diem

Alan Marshall