Harsher Penalties Are Needed

Dear Editor,

As of this writing, 18 children and 1 adult are dead in Texas at the hands of a maniacal animal that entered an elementary school and began shooting. By the time this is published the count could go higher.

Already the anti-gun clowns are screaming for more gun control, but what I’m not hearing from the same mob is the need for harsher punishment for the uncaring blobs of flesh that use those inanimate objects to commit these horrendous crimes. In fact, they will be the first ones to declare these animals as needing help due to some BS about how their father abused them or their mother hated them. Then they’ll holler about how we need to not lock them up for the rest of their miserable lives but send them to a “hospital” to try to get them right.  Bull!

Assuming they are still alive when caught, lock them in a 10×10 room until they can be tried, and assuming they are found guilty, immediately take them out to the prison yard, tie them to a stake, line up five people with rifles and end it then and there. If they’re dead, haul the body off and bury it in an unmarked grave.

I now open myself to all the vitriol and ugly language anyone wants to send my way. I don’t care. Say what you want, call me what you want. As long as these things know they’ll still be alive for a while after taking innocent lives, possibly even being back on the streets, it won’t stop. I know it will never end completely, but as long as the mollycoddling goes on, as long as they know they will not get the punishment they deserve they will continue to do it. Don’t believe me? Look at the history.

There is an old saying; “an armed society is a polite society.” I can hear them now – that sort of thing will turn us into the Wild West again. Has anybody checked on how many people were killed back then compared to today? I feel sure that number will be lower than what we have now.

It’s a simple formula; shoot and injure or kill someone and you can’t prove self-defense, there’s a stake in the courtyard with your name on it.

And don’t say all guns should be confiscated. Do you really think you’ll get them all?

Alan Marshall


Remove Yard Signs

Dear Editor,

It would sure be nice if all the candidates, those who won and those who did not win, would clean up all the election signs that now litter many, many locations in Greensboro and Guilford County.

Total lack of responsibility.

Leslie Ann Brown


Thanks To The Voters

Dear Editor,

Thank you to all the voters who supported Tim Andrew and Crissy Pratt in the recent primary elections.

The New Vision New Direction – GCS team of school board candidates are looking forward to the general elections in November.  Working together with the voters of Guilford County we can turn our public schools to a focus on academics in education with the goal of preparing our young people to be productive fellow citizens in our community.

Here’s to facilitating personal growth for every student of Guilford County while providing them with opportunities to find their place in our world today.

Lynn Andrew

Campaign Coordinator

New Vision New Direction – GCS