England Accepts Voter ID Law

Dear Editor,

As England prepares to conduct its first countrywide elections with a photo ID requirement on Thursday, the issue has been universally accepted as necessary to ensure the legitimacy of democracy.

After a 2016 report in which Sir Eric Pickles confirmed the risk of “significant abuse” without verifying identification, the measure has been implemented without any dissent or controversy.  It’s obvious that any mail-in voting, or drop boxes are just an invitation for wholesale voter fraud – whether in the UK or the US.

In a referendum of constitutional amendments put to the voters of NC in 2018, the requirement for photo ID in order to vote was passed overwhelmingly, but the Democrat political machine is conducting “lawfare” to prevent its implementation.

This tells us unequivocally which side is perpetrating mass voter fraud and stealing elections. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure it out.

The Democrat Party is corrupt and debased and will do anything to achieve the power over us that it so desperately craves.

Austin Morris