Proposed Short-Term Rental Regulations Are Unfair

Dear Editor,

I am writing as a concerned homeowner in Idlewood neighborhood to express my disagreement with the proposed regulations for short-term rentals in Greensboro. I believe that these regulations unfairly target short-term rental providers and limit my rights as a homeowner in a neighborhood without an HOA.

My family and I specifically chose to purchase our home in this neighborhood to avoid the restrictive nature of an HOA-governed community. We have invested time, effort and resources into improving our property, transforming it from the blighted condition left by the previous traditional length of stay landlord. Our efforts have not only enhanced the appearance of our home but have also contributed positively to the overall appearance and safety of the neighborhood.

The proposed regulations for short-term rentals appear to impose more stringent rules on property owners like myself, compared to those governing traditional rental properties. I believe that if the City of Greensboro is genuinely committed to addressing issues related to blighted homes and disrespectful neighbors, all housing providers should be held to the same regulations, regardless of the rental length.

Creating a separate and more restrictive set of rules for short-term rentals undermines the principle of equal treatment for all homeowners and housing providers. Every resident in our city, irrespective of their rental duration, deserves a minimum standard of housing that is enforced equally across all types of rentals.

I kindly request that the City Council reconsider the proposed regulations and ensure that all housing providers are subject to the same rules, promoting fairness and protecting the rights of homeowners in neighborhoods without an HOA.

Furthermore, I would like to bring to the City Council’s attention a potential conflict of interest in the deliberation of these proposed regulations. It has come to my knowledge that some City Councilmembers are housing providers themselves. To ensure fairness and transparency in the decision-making process, I kindly request that any councilmember with a vested interest in rental real estate recuse themselves from the deliberations and voting on this issue.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I trust that the City Council will take my concerns into account when deliberating on the proposed regulations.

Joy Watson and Eric Hunsucker