Finally A Chance To See Jan. 6 In Context

Dear Editor,

MSNBC, CNN, and all the other Mainstream Mouthpieces of the (National Socialist) Democrat Party are most likely hiding under tables right now after Tucker Carlson has released the first of many pieces concerning what the liberal, whiny, spineless followers of the (NS)DP have made of the so-called Jan. 6th “violent right-wing insurrection.”

Yes, there were people that destroyed property. Yes, there were people who defied law enforcement officers. We’ve seen the selected video clips played by all news organizations. What hasn’t been seen up to now is what the (NS)DP insisted needed to be classified for “security purposes.” The only security they were concerned with is covering their fourth point of contact and making sure they can con and scare the masses.

What’s really embarrassing the Dems is the clips they did release to their lackeys are now being seen in context and it’s making them look like bigger fools then they already are. They no longer control the narrative and they’re scared. They even tried to claim Officer Brian Sicknick was killed by “rioters” when in fact he died of natural causes. Where is the narrative about the killing of Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed woman, who was shot by a Capital Police Officer, claiming he fired “…as a last resort.” Where is the outrage over her and what was done about him?

Look at what happened in Georgia at the first responders training site. It’s been reported that all but two of those that were arrested during that riot were from out of state and in fact two of those were from out of country. At least the preliminary charges are for domestic terrorism but given how the courts seem to be working, will most likely be drastically reduced by the time they go to court, assuming they do go to court.

Add to all this, the mouthpiece for the administration going in front of the press and when asked about the riot, said she knows nothing about it. Wait, I thought you were supposed to be speaking for Uncle Joe and his handlers yet you basically say “what riot?” Can you say tossed to the wolves?

But you must admit it’s all great for keeping the spotlight off them. They’re hoping the statute of limitations will save them.

We’re only half thru this circus they call an administration

Carpe diem.

Alan Marshall