Finishing A Stoplight Conversation

Dear Editor,

Recently, while driving my 11-year-old pickup with the Biden-Harris bumper sticker still attached, I was stopped at the red light waiting to enter Lowes when a panel truck pulled beside me. A young man leaned out of his window and pleasantly, perhaps unbelieving, said, “Did you really vote for Biden?” Absolutely, said I. He said he voted for Trump because he created jobs and lowered taxes, although he did not like Trump’s character. I didn’t have time to speak the truth to him before the light changed.

The fact is Trump had the lowest job creation rate of any president, actually losing about 3 million jobs. True, he had the pandemic to deal with, but he failed on that too. Actually, when he lost the election, unemployment was over 13 million people.  Readers may not believe this, but check the record at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As for taxes, whatever tax cuts might have accrued to working folks will expire 2025. His tax bill is complicated, but on the whole, low-income families received the least savings, and high-income families saved the most. Middle-class families saw mixed results. The biggest winners from Trump’s tax cuts were probably big businesses. I personally could not see any difference in my taxes.

The young man is apparently another victim of Trump’s lies. I hope he reads this. I’d like to continue the conversation.

James Bennett