Not A Fan Of Mark Walker

Dear Editor,

Mark Walker for Senate:

  1. Mark started out with his first run for Congress with $5 contributions from grass roots.  I was concerned how a minister at maybe $40K per year would adjust to $176K plus $2M expense budget.  He quickly moved to $250-a-plate dinners.  The attraction of the DC swamp is overwhelming.
  1. When redistricting converted the 6th District to a mix rather than a red stronghold, he pulled out of the house race at the 11th hour, forcing an underfunded, late in the game Lee Haywood to face an opposition candidate.  I would have thought more of him if he rose to the challenge.  We ended up with a liberal immigration lawyer. It appeared that a winning record was more important than his constituents. He should have tried. This is really unforgivable.
  1. Mark Meadows and Walker were on the Freedom Caucus together.  Mark Meadows is a close advisor to Donald Trump.  I suspect he was the reason Trump endorsed Ted Budd.  It is of concern.
  1. Mark has chosen to remain in the Senate race even though he trails the three GOP candidates.  He will split the conservative vote and potentially pave the way for McCrory to win.  This is not in the best interest of Walker’s previous constituents.

Joseph Heller