Doesn’t Trust Local Government

Dear Editor,

FOX 8 is reporting the former American Hebrew Academy is going to be used as a “transitional facility for immigrant children”.

It appears they left out the word “illegal.”

There is no current number on how many or if there is any age limit to who will be housed. Seeing what has been happening in places like NYC, one has to wonder if this is something that is going to be coming to our area.

The other thing is as of now, it is going to be used to house children, but like any government run facility, one has to wonder how long before we look back at this as the ‘camel’s nose under the tent’ moment and start seeing “families” being housed there. After all, how can we break up families? And how temporary is “temporary?” How long before the “older children” are being released from the facility because of overcrowding? I’m sorry but I have this inherent fear of any government promises. The American Indians and how they were “promised their own land” comes to mind. How did that work out?

As much as it bothers me to say this, I cannot trust our county government and I definitely don’t trust the imperial council of Greensboro. I firmly believe, and I pray to God I’m proven wrong, Greensboro and Guilford County are looking at potentially serious problems. And those problems, should they arise, will impact the average Dick and Jane in the county and the city, not those “elected representatives” who, based on what’s happening with the city manager, will be looked out for.

Again, I hope and pray I’m wrong, but I’m not betting my lunch money on it. And I’m glad we have the castle doctrine.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall